buy/build own PC ?

  Kegsy 21:19 04 May 2004

My computer is getting a bit long in the tooth so have decided I need a new base unit. Should I just go to my nearest superstore and buy one or build my own. Specs something like:-
min. 256k RAM
say 40Gb memory

1. Is it much cheaper to build one than buy one?
2. Where is a good place to go to pick up a decent base unit?
3. What sort of price might I be expected to pay?

  Smocked 21:26 04 May 2004

well if you know how to build one then i suggest build one. But if you're not too sure, then buy a full system, in the end it only comes down to saving 10-20 pounds.

  mosfet 21:55 04 May 2004

I get a kick out of building a pc,really enjoy it.Plus you don't need any shop's telling you rubbish.Not saying you should do it..but my last pc I used all bit's of ebay (just for fun)& I was going to sell it,but it's so trouble free I don't want too.With all the good advice here why not build one?..Les

  Gongoozler 22:04 04 May 2004

Building a computer yourself is not a good way of saving money unless you want to trawl Ebay and the computer fairs. The pc business is so competitive that the price of a new computer is almost the same as the amount you would pay for the bits from the likes of Ebuyer click here, and also you get a warranty to cover the whole kit. If, however, like me, you get a kick out of doing the job yourself, want the computer to be just as you like it, and you are prepared to put up with the frustration when things don't go right then I would advise building your own every time.

  Cook2 22:05 04 May 2004

Kegsy. I've built 3 or 4 over the past few years and had a great deal of pleasure from it but it's getting harder to make a saving nowadays with the prices dropping all the time (or at least staying fairly constant).

One I did was by buying all the bits and bobs from a local computer shop. I found out afterwards that I could have bought one, very similar spec, from PC World for less money.

If you buy a new one from the above or Novatech, where you get a choice of ready built, you can sell your existing one to go towards the cost.

Or you could buy the parts from Novatech, or other on-line company, and utilise your floppy, CD Rom etc into the new one.

The choice is yours but if it's sef build, take your time, don't rush it.

Good luck.

  rickimalone 22:14 04 May 2004

I've just gone with building and I could not by the PC with equal spec's anywhere:

cpu: AMD 2500+ BARTON

Motherboard:ASUS A7V8X-X

crucial memory: 512MB PC2700 RAM



HARDDRIVE: Western Digital 80GB 7200RPM



O/S: WindowsXP

CASE: click here


This whole system cost under £500 with vat+delivery and i've looke everywhere and cant beat it in terms of performance and quailty of components, using websites and this forum to build it, and must say that it has been very exciting and i've learnt load about PC'S..

  rickimalone 22:16 04 May 2004

Just to add all items above are retail boxed versions so come with all manuals and screws/cables so hopefully I wont be building blind....

  rickimalone 22:18 04 May 2004

Sorry not with it included vat+delivery....

  byfordr 22:32 04 May 2004

Try click here click here click here click here You can spec'd them without monitors. If not £600 can get you a system with a tft. Prices start around £300.


  rickimalone 22:36 04 May 2004

Yes but add delivery,and i've tried all of those site's before you can still build a system much better..

  harps1h 22:46 04 May 2004

it really is a personal matter whether to buy or build. the advantage of a self build is that you can reuse things like your cd, floppy, printer/scanner, monitor and case. you need only to buy a motherboard, chip and ram, to make your system more up to date. most sites will preconfigure your selection for you and test for their compatibility.
however if you should choose to go it alone make sure you invest in a good brand motherboard as they are less likely to be fussy about the type of ram you put on.
after you have chosen your mobo and cpu, go to click here, where the selector will give you the most compatible memory, which is gauranteed to work. also they have free delivery.

good luck in what ever you choose to do.

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