buy windows 7 without key?

  Uboat 15:53 01 Apr 2011

Hi guys within the last 30 mins ive been given a genuine windows 7 ultimate license key but with no disc's, there is a genuine reason for this basically the friend that has given me it had his pc smashed to bits by his g/friend & his box of w7 discs as well...

now i know there is certain ways of obtaining a copy of 7 but i want a genuine set of discs, does anyone know where i can buy a set of discs from please?

  Diemmess 16:32 01 Apr 2011

If you buy windows 7 obviously you have your own disks in the deal.
Iffy disks are not within the province of this forum.

How busted is the 'old' computer?
There is the possibility that if the HD inside didn't suffer physically, it could be used straight away in any suitably specified new computer.

You would almost certainly have to re-activate W 7.
The only hurdle left would be sudden need of the OS disk for repair of some or other file, and a borrowed W-7 Premium should work for that type of activity

  Diemmess 16:34 01 Apr 2011

I should have said Windows 7 Ultimate, not Premium

  bluesbrother 17:43 01 Apr 2011

Microsoft Help and Support click here

I assume it is a OEM version of windows so you should scroll down a bit to Replacement of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Software Media

  Uboat 01:49 02 Apr 2011

a BIG thank you to you guys for your time & help! the pc was well lol thrown down the stairs & thrown into his pond...all because his partner told him to stop using the pc as much as he was :-0

Thanks again guys you have been most helpfull



  Terry Brown 09:54 02 Apr 2011

Thats the problem with computers, " I'll just be a few minutes" ends up being a few hours.
If she wanted to sleep (or something) and he was stuck on the computer AGAIN, I can understand the reason.


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