Buy PC with XP HOME?

  dnjl 19:19 03 Apr 2007

Can you still purchase a PC say like Wolf ST9 for gaming with XP HOME on it instead of Vista?

Is there any PC mfg. doing this now or have they all gone Vista mad?

  Totally-braindead 19:29 03 Apr 2007

I think they all supply Vista, however you could buy a PC without the operating system and buy at the same time a copy of XP Home OEM for about £60 and install it yourself.

  johndrew 20:02 03 Apr 2007

The snag is that most vendors sell PCs with the OS already installed. With Vista being a current flavour it is difficult to find anyone who sells with XP. You may be put in a position where you are forced to buy a PC with Vista installed and buy a copy of XP separately unless you can find a supplier that will provide to your specification.

  Totally-braindead 20:12 03 Apr 2007

You could get a Novatech PC as an example, they will sell without an OS and you could just add a XP Home OEM disk. You would have to buy it at the same time, otherwise they would not sell the OS disk without you buying more hardware.

  Hackwatch 20:42 03 Apr 2007

Buying a system from Novatech without an O/S on it does effect your warranty.
But Novatech can explain more themselves!

  dnjl 20:54 03 Apr 2007

Have asked Cube if they would do this and they have offered to put XP Home on instead of Vista Premium (saving £20 if anyone else is interested). I just feel safer with XP Home as I know my way around it now and am reluctant to delve into something which seems to cause lots of agro (read Vista forum).

  Kate B 22:16 04 Apr 2007

There's no point going with an old OS. Vista is fine, the issues are with third-party drivers. And if you're a gamer, you're going to want DX10 at some point, which you can't have on XP. Why be Luddite? It's pointless and obtuse.

  GroupFC 23:13 04 Apr 2007

There you go again!

dnjl wants XP because he feels safer with it and knows his way around it.

Why is it pointless and obtuse for a consumer to want a product that he is comfortable with?

  Kate B 23:55 04 Apr 2007

I think it's obtuse to want to go back to an old OS when there's a better one out there; and particularly when it's going to be difficult to do so. And the OP says he's a gamer: later this year most, if not all, games will support DX10. No Vista, no DX10. Fine if you want to stick your head in the sand and ignore progress, but I'm entitled to describe that as obtuse. It's just a bit lame not to be prepared to work with Vista. It's not so different to XP that it's going to be hard or unpleasant to learn but it's a much smoother computing experience. I'd understand if it were a really painful process, but it's not.

  [email protected] 02:06 05 Apr 2007

because it works fine with you, and i have read about the problems you have had, it doesnt mean that it's for everyone else, i didnt get along with it myself and to be honest wonder what exactly the 'wow' about it is, i love xp and if i had bought a pc with vista i would have gone straight out and bought vista, i seen threads where you have shot folk down for offering an opinion which has no relevence to the thread openers question, which seems to be the case here. the question was can you buy a gaming pc with xp on it, to which t.b and others offered good advice, there are loads and loads of gamers who hate vista, simply because the games they play dont run with it, in a few months time this may change, but if you have loads of current or recent games IMHO you need xp for the time being.
and i would also choose novatech with xp, i have a copy of vista and may well use it in the future, untill then i am more than happy with xp, as i suspect dnjl is.

  David4637 17:04 06 Apr 2007

I agree whole heartly with your reply. I work on the basis that "if it aint broke don't try to fix it." That saying works very well 80% of the time. David

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