To buy or not to buy? the Samsung N120

  Sillyconchip 14:05 25 Mar 2009

I've been contemplating getting a Samsung N120 click here

They look great and looks like the battery power will last a great deal longer than you average notebook!

Anybody got one of these and actually put it through it's paces, just wanted a point of view from somebody that has actually used the machine for longer than just a shop demo.


  Grey Goo 09:57 26 Mar 2009

I have an NC10 which is similar in spec it appears. Ramped up the RAM to 2gigs for less than £20 (Corsair).The Atom is not the most powerful chip in the world but this little machine works very well as long as you realise that it is not designed for heavy duty use. I use it for browsing as I have a wireless connection and I can sit around the house and play. Runs Open Office ok and Commodo Firewall, PC tools A/V and A squared free. I bought a Trust Bluetooth mouse from Amazon which works like a dream. Minor nag is the shiny case gets covered in fingerprints but a microfibre cloth sorts it.

  Sillyconchip 10:10 26 Mar 2009

I know what i forgot to ask, has it got a cd drive? I've been trying to find this out from a few sites but keep coming up with a less than definative answer.

  scotty 10:42 26 Mar 2009

From what I have read, this will only become available next month. Any photos I have seen do not show a cd drive. Looks like a nice piece of kit and that battery life (10.5 hours quoted) is brilliant.

Other Samsung netbooks get positive reviews so this looks very promising.

  Grey Goo 10:42 26 Mar 2009

NC10 does not have a drive, think the case is too small to accomodate one. I use an 8 gig flash drive and burn on my desktop or Vaio if required. You can get external drives if you have no other equipment.

  Sillyconchip 10:45 26 Mar 2009

Ahhh ok kewl, thanks, I was pretty sure that it didn't have one bt i thought i'd just double check, it's not a massive problem.

  Grey Goo 10:48 26 Mar 2009

You can get a Bluetooth dongle for any other computer and transfer that way if you are close as the Samsung comes Bluetooth enabled.

  Sillyconchip 10:52 26 Mar 2009

Ahhh thats even better as i have a bluetooth chip on my desktop already, thanks GG, do you strem video on the samsung? Just wondered if it was any good for this? Don't worry i'll run out of questions in a minute.

  Grey Goo 11:29 26 Mar 2009

Ill give it a go and have a look

  Grey Goo 11:44 26 Mar 2009

Just looked at some utube vids and watched top gear in full screen in high quality without problem. Will depend on your connection to a degree but the Samsung seems to have no problem.

  Sillyconchip 12:53 26 Mar 2009

briliant well i think i'm pretty much sold

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