Buy new printer or buy cartridges?

  cassini1 14:50 13 Sep 2011

I have an HP Laserjet 3600 Printer. Had it for three years now with no problem. Excellent printer albeit a bit big. I am about to run dry with the current set of cartridges. Question...... Do I simply buy a new set of four cartridges at 140 quid each or should I now buy a new printer for around 560 quid and which will come complete? Advice welcomed please!

  kdt 16:06 13 Sep 2011

have you tried generic cartridges which are much cheaper?

  cassini1 16:45 13 Sep 2011

Thought about it, but as even refills are 70/75 each the probable value/cost ratio is still marginal. Thanks for the suggestion.

  lotvic 17:49 13 Sep 2011

New cartridges £140 x 4 = £560

New complete printer with 1 year manufacturers guarantee = £560

The cartridges that come with new printer will fit in old printer I presume?

If so then 'no contest' you get a free printer if you buy a new one. Very useful if one breaks down.

Or even if they don't fit I would go for the new printer as t'other has had 3 years of use and could start malfunctioning at any time.

  cherry vl 03:00 14 Sep 2011

Buy a new cartridge

  canarieslover 07:27 14 Sep 2011

Just be aware that some printers come new with cartridges that are not of the same capacity as standard cartridges so you may only get half the number of pages out of the first set. That is one of the ways of keeping he price of the printer down.

  retep888™ 11:19 14 Sep 2011

I have the networkable & duplex version of this printer, for the past years I've been using remanufactured toners from UKDVDR click here without any problem at a fraction of the price.

Black toner Q6470A click here

Blue toner click here

Yellow toner click here

Pink toner click here

There are similar products in Amazon including this original set click here, I think the HP CLJ 3600 is discontinued now(it did come with a full set of toners when new), and the newer model I'm not sure if it'll come with a full set or not ,at least I know the entry level colour laser printer comes with toners of up to 750 pages capacity only.

  cassini1 16:53 22 Sep 2011

Many thanks for all the responses. I checked one of the cartridges and found that one small piece of plastic had come off the side (the one with the spring). The guy at HP told me that this could have been the reason for the lack of print quality (which I had put down to the low level of ink). I replaced it with a new one and now everything is fine again. Next time round I have decided to have the cartridges topped up (as per advice from above). If and when the printer actually does "die" on me I will have had five years plus of use, which I suppose is not bad in these days of built-in obsolescence.

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