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  gidster 16:07 26 Nov 2006

hi i dont know whether to buy a new computer or upgrade my present one, ive got a intel pentium 4, 2.6ghz, 40gb hard drive, 512 ram with a geforce 5600 graphics card and 2 dvd writers . is it any good? i say this because ive brought 2 games ghost recon advanced which is unplayable and call of jurez which i can play on the lowest settings but its not very good.i know ineed more ram and a better graohics card but which would i get as there is loads could anybody recommend a good one to buy or should i get a new computer


  Kate B 16:18 26 Nov 2006

Depends on your motherboard but I would have thought you're a bit limited on your upgrade options.

  citadel 16:57 26 Nov 2006

assuming you have an agp slot a 7600gs plus another 512 of memory would give a good boost.

  gidster 16:57 26 Nov 2006

what do u mean ?

  gidster 16:58 26 Nov 2006

is that a good card then?

  gidster 16:59 26 Nov 2006

ive got about £300 pound to spend on ram and a graphics card

  skidzy 17:18 26 Nov 2006

Playing highend games is going to require plenty of ram,now although 1 gig of ram would certainly help..i would go for more as the game will use most of this.

With the computer market as it is at the moment and having around £300 for upgrades,why not save to buy a more powerful system.
Such as from Dell with a better CPU,like a Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo E6600 some ideas that can be customised
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As said before,your mobo may well be limited to what upgrades it can handle.

  griffon 56 17:20 26 Nov 2006

The magazine Computer Shopper (and others) has best buy lists tho' not in the current Jan 07 edition. It's worth a look there. Two boards recommended by CS are Foxconn 7950GT which ran Call of Duty 2 at 1600x1200 rsolution and got 36.5fps refresh rate, and the Gigabyte GV-NX79T256DP-RH which clocked 37.5fps on Call of Duty 2 both based on the nVidia 7900GT chip. The Foxconn is £193 and the Gigabyte £184, both leaving plenty over for system RAM tho'each board has its own RAM , the Foxconn 512mb and the Gigabyte 256mb. I don't endorse either board I'm just repeating what I've seen, you'll have to make your own mind up but this might help. I certainly would recommend loking at reviews before buying.

  griffon 56 17:24 26 Nov 2006

Graphics board RAM and the way it is used is more important than system RAM because the two different RAMs discharge different duties in rendering the images you see on screen. A board with more RAM ought to be better but sometimes isn't, which is why you should read reviews. Take your time, there is no need for a wholesale upgrade of your computer.

  Wavey Davey 17:30 26 Nov 2006

You can get a 7600GS AGP (which is much better than your 5600) and the extra 512 RAM which should speed up your system overall and still have change out of £150 - take a look at or That should keep you going for another year if you don’t want to play on the high end of the graphics settings.

If you want to spend the £300 in none go you could change the 7600GS for a Gainward GeForce 7800GS+ 512MB DDR3 AGP for £249.99.

However, for £300 I would suggest you could put that money towards a new motherboard and PCIE graphics card or even a whole new PC. After all, you can get an 8800GTS DX10 graphics card (which will eat any existing game alive) for £325 to £350 and that is going to last you for the next generation of games (when they come out to make the most of DX10 on Vista) and so a lot longer than the 7800GS.

  HXP 17:37 26 Nov 2006

Fastest AGP card you can buy - I have one in my PC and it plays Ghost recon at 800 x 600 ok

Ghost Recon is one of the most graphically demanding games I have seen ( but it is also brillaint so worth playing !)

My machine is a 3.7 Athlon 1gb rams 256mb 7800 (as above) Sata 160gb drive - so that spec will run it

Graphics card can be has for £200 & mem upgarde £50

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If you have about £300 you could not get a PC to run those games so upgrade might be only option - not sure how your CPU is compared to mine ?


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