Buy laptop in US or here?

  MoRog 10:52 05 Sep 2007

Hi, am looking to get a laptop mostly for music, images, and a wee bit of graphic design. Am off to New York for a month next week and I'm not sure if I'm better off buying one out there as it'll porb be cheaper... some folk have said that it won't have an international warranty on it, and won't be all that much cheaper.

Any ideas?!?

Thanks, Mo

  ambra4 13:39 05 Sep 2007


Find the one you like Dell, Acer, HP, Tobshia, Sony , etc and the uk price

When you get to the US check the price of the one that you pick and you will find that the prices are much low than the UK

Bought a dell that was costing 800 pounds for 600 us or 300 pounds

look around Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Deport, Walmart,etc you would be suprise at the prices

1 pound is $2 us

As for international warranty you can get coverage world wide and does not cost much, also if you thinking about insurance use the UK price

Good luck enjoy

  ambra4 13:52 05 Sep 2007

Look at these sites

Best Buy

click here

Circuit City

click here

Tiger Direct

click here

there also another thread in consumerwatch
click here

  tullie 14:39 05 Sep 2007

Wont you have to pay Duty on it?

  tullie 15:01 05 Sep 2007

And why oh why do people post duplicate threads!!

  MoRog 14:22 06 Sep 2007

Thanks for your replies

And sorry about the multiple posting, did this one then realised it was more applicable to consumer watch. But cheers for the input


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