Buy Geforce Ti4600 now or wait for Geforce FX??

  alilee2002 15:36 27 Jan 2003

I play high graphical games like Sim City 4, Unreal, Age of Mythologys and tonnes more and my ATI Radeon 128mb dosnt seem to handly some of them. Especially at higher resolution.

Im willing to pay £200 so shall i buy a Ti4600 or wait for the GeforceFX to come down in price to £200.

When do u think the GeforceFX will come down in price?


  powerless 15:39 27 Jan 2003


  alilee2002 15:42 27 Jan 2003

How long will I have to wait for it to come down in price to £200...if its a year forget it, ill be ti4600 then.


  PSF 15:43 27 Jan 2003

The main question is how long do you want to wait?
You can get a GF4TI4600 from Novatech for about £175 now, the GF FX will probably come down in price about 4-5 months after it comes out. Then the new one be GF???(6) will then be almost ready, and so you might end up waiting for that.
You could end up waiting for the next one all the time.

  PSF 15:44 27 Jan 2003

click here

Have a look at this.

  alilee2002 15:49 27 Jan 2003

Are you saying the GeforceFX will be £200 in 4-5 months time? If so im waiting for the GeforceFX because i know the difference between the power of a geforcefx and ti4600 is huge.


  PSF 15:53 27 Jan 2003

It might be, you cannot always tell, but there is alot of competion with ATI at the moment.
The TI4600 was £300+ when it first came out.

  alilee2002 15:56 27 Jan 2003

Im not sure about this might willing to wait 4 months max to get the best card i can for £200 no longer.

Im still not sure whether to wait or not..hmmm.

Im so tempted just to buy the ti4600 now and get it over with...what shall i do :(


  powerless 16:04 27 Jan 2003

Well may i temp you with the Ti4800? (yup 4800)

If you click here theres a review on FX card. It compares the ATI 9700 and the ti4600 against it...

The FX wins but the 9700 does beat it in few tests.

Also listen to the nosie of that thing...The mp3s you can listen to there is a noticable difference.

Also the FX requires 75watts of power (me thinks) got a PSU that can handle that?

Also not that the next gen ATI card will also be around after the FX go big FX'in stylin, so that will eventually be beaten.

I say wait and go for the FX when the price drops. There also future version of the FX, N31 and N35 so its case of if you got the money just buy it. Anything you buy today will be beaten tomorrow.

  jazzypop 16:58 27 Jan 2003

Wait 3 months, there will be a better one along by then. Except for, after 3 months, there will be a better one due out in 3 months... and another one .... and another one - and so on.

Meanwhile, you just sat there wishing you had a better card than your ATI for £200. There will always be a better on 'real soon now' - the main reason manufacturers announce their product so far in advance is to stop you buying the competition's offering today.

If you have £200 now, and want to play games now, buy a card now. It would be commercial suicide for any game distributor to require an Nvidia FX (or ATI equivalent) within the next year - they need to maximise their sales.

That's not to say that the game won't run better with an FX, though :)

  Rayuk 17:28 27 Jan 2003

Buy it now,if you wait and wait then buy your card another 2 months youll think should have waited for this[new]one and on and on and on.

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