Business Outlook 2007: Windows 7

  The Brown Rock 23:16 03 Jan 2010

Having recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, I'm slowly making my way with the new OS. When I was sending a "Mail" to a client which automatically liked me to "Outlook" (at least I think it was Outlook) the new operating system informed me that it had some errors to fix, together with sync issues to connnect with Hotmail, which may tske some time. I later sent the mail. I tried to check if it had turned up in the "sent" messages, but unlike Vista, I could not find Outlook anywhere - is it hidden or has it gone? This might be a stupid question, but some in this forum will know of my continued problems with Outlook - you can emagine my delight when I got the message that Windows 7 was going to remidy all that; which hopefully it has done. As always, grateful for any help received.
The Brown Rock

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