Business card CD's?

  Mysticnas 11:46 08 Jun 2004

Hi all,

Does anyone know where i can find business card blank CD's?

Basically they are business card shaped CD's. If anyone knows where i can get them from then please let know.



  €dstowe 11:49 08 Jun 2004

Scan do Promocards click here=


  stlucia 13:28 08 Jun 2004

Business card CDs are sometimes difficult to find, so I switched to using mini (circular) CD-Rs -- they are just as handy to mail in letters, postage is the same, and they're more widely available and cheaper. They're also significantly larger capacity.

  €dstowe 13:31 08 Jun 2004

Like stlucia, I would use min-CDs.

Those rectangular CDs aways appear cheap and nasty to me - like an advertising promo that didn't quite work and ended up being rather naff.


  spuds 14:44 08 Jun 2004
  Chris the Ancient 15:13 08 Jun 2004

Those rectagular cards unbalance very easily. I have heard of more than one case of people thinking that the noise the business card shaped ones make is going to wreck their CD ROM!

  sidecar sid 15:16 08 Jun 2004
  seedie 17:13 08 Jun 2004

A rectangular object in a revolving drive smacks of a gherkin short of a Big Mac :>)


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