Bush Digibox

  Newbolt 18:50 11 Dec 2004

I know it isn't a computer related issue, but I have struck a problem with a Bush digibox. It is connected to the TV and a Nicam VCR, as per the instructions. It works and there is a good signal from the new channels.I want to be able to record from these new channels, but I don't know how to tune the VCR into them [it tunes in perfectly to the terrestial channels]. Every time the box is turned on it blots out the on screen VCR instructions. When it is off there are no channels for the VCR to find. I've got a horrible feeling there is somthing obvious escaping me here. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  Mikè 19:04 11 Dec 2004

How is the vcr connected to the tv? just via coax or is it connected via scart in some way?

Some digiboxes only feed out through the scart (they have no modulator).

More info needed on how it's all connected please.

  Newbolt 19:11 11 Dec 2004

Thanks for the response. As per the instructions, the aerial goes to the digibox, there is an r/f out [coax] from the box to the r/f in on the vcr, there is an r/f out from the vcr to the tv.There is a scart cable from the digibox to the vcr, and another scart from the box to the tv.

  Mikè 19:23 11 Dec 2004

All you have to do to record, is select the vcr's scart input and start recording. The reason the vcr may not be overiding the digibox (and display on screen) may be that you are not using vcr's AV1 to link to digibox.

  Newbolt 20:11 11 Dec 2004

I am grateful for your further response, and you obviously know the subject, which unfortunately only makes one of us. I am unsure firstly how to select the VCR's scart input, and secondly how to check if I am using the VCR's AV1 link to the box.

  SEASHANTY 20:26 11 Dec 2004

If you are using a JVC VCR then your TV output is taken from the AV1 scart and your freeview box should be plugged into the AV2 scart on the VCR.
To record the freeview channels you will have to select the freeview channel you require and set the VCR channel to L2 for recording by using the "0" button on the VCR remote - that's how mine works anyway. Some ways of connecting up (note either satellite box/STB or combined together)
click here also some info on another forum click here

  keith-236785 20:27 11 Dec 2004

i think you will need to choose the AV on your video recorder to enable the connection

it is usually a button on the video remote that has AV on it or AV/TV, press once for AV1, twice for AV2, three times to go back to TV.

have you tried recording anyway, it might be that the video is automatically tuned into the digibox (i doubt it but worth a try anyway).

it might also be that the video is not capable of recieving digital signals. as i found out, i bought the bush digital box from comet, then had to go and buy a new tv so i could use it.....then go and buy a new digital broadband arial so i could find the stations (of which i have managed to get about 8 or 9 new stations even though it reports 62 new ones found) he,he modern technology.

good luck

  Mikè 20:36 11 Dec 2004

Ok back to basics Look on the back of your vcr, how many scart sockets are there? If there are two read the printing adjacent to the socket (usually they are labeled AV1 or AV2)

With the majority of current vcr's the channel +/- will select the AV input from your digibox (just go backwards from BBC1.

With regard to Seashanty's advice, this is not the best way with your setup as your Digibox has two scart sockets.

  woodchip 20:42 11 Dec 2004

You have to use a Scart Switch box. I have a Bush Digibox and that's what you need to record. It as to be switched so you can turn of things like DVD player etc

  woodchip 20:48 11 Dec 2004

Top Right Corner click here

  Newbolt 21:12 11 Dec 2004

Thanks for these suggestions and links. The VCR is a relatively modern Sharp [model MH704].There are two SCART sockets on the back. Having changed the Digibox plug to the lower one of the two, it seems that the VCR will now override the digibox output. On that basis I will try and tune the VCR [again] to the Digibox's output.

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