Burnt out PC

  DeadBrick 07:37 07 Oct 2007

A friends motherboard fried damaging the hard drive. The PC had Win XP home pre-installed with the recovery on a seperate partition. I can access this partition. Will I be able to burn this folder containing the recovery onto DVD so that I can intal it onto a new hard drive? Ta.

  octal 08:02 07 Oct 2007

I don't see why not, try it and see.

  Diemmess 09:58 07 Oct 2007

I doubt if it will work if you have replaced the mobo as well the HD, but what have you to lose?

The damaged HD is presumably readble in another environment so how sure are you that it is damaged.

Replacing the Motherboard would mean finding new drivers for it and then the recovery disk may overwrite the drivers and fail to restore a working Windows.

- Good luck anyway!

  DeadBrick 16:21 07 Oct 2007

Thanks for your responses. I can access my friends hard drive on my External enclosure on my own computer but, it will not let me burn onto DVD. Ta

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:33 07 Oct 2007

If you can access from an enclosure then electrically and mechanically the hard drive is OK.

What are you trying to use to copy the partition?

You are going to need something like Acronis True Image to copy the partition.

  DieSse 16:33 07 Oct 2007

I concur with Diemmess here - if you can read the drive at all - how sure are you that it's damaged. Maybe it's merely partially corrupted, and recoverable.

  Strawballs 16:37 07 Oct 2007

If you can borrow an OEM copy of windows XP Home and use the product key from the sticker on the case it should work but you will have to reactivate by phone and explain that you had to change the motherboard but it is still on the same computer.

  DeadBrick 00:07 08 Oct 2007

Hi All, It is a no go situation. I can burn the folder onto DVD using Nero 7 but, the most important file isnt there. ie. set up exe. Will have to scout around for a Win XP home disc. Thanks all.

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