Burnt dvd now recognised as blank dvd :(

  Teasle 15:43 11 Mar 2008

I burn my backups on to CD and DVDs using Nero. Yesterday when I inserted one of the previously burnt DVDs into the DVD drive, Incd automatically ran and instead of Windows XP asking me what I wanted to do with the disk (usually open pictures with windows explorer etc), I got the message about what I wanted to burn to blank disk. I tried to view the images using photoshop but nothing appeared. I tried some of my other backup disks and I got the same message each time with nothing showing on the disks. BTW I have often previously viewed and copied files from these disks back to my pc.
After googling, I assumed the problem was with Nero and Incd so I used the Nero clean tool to uninstall Nero from my pc.
Now I can use most of the disks as per normal but there are still a couple where the computer doesn't seem to recognise that there is anything on them.
Is there anything I can do? Do you think the data on these disks has gone forever?
Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

  Jak_1 15:46 11 Mar 2008

Is it just the dvd's that it won't recognise or both dvd's and cd's?

  Teasle 16:21 11 Mar 2008

Originally, it was both. After I uninstalled Incd, it is just 2 of the DVDs that it won't recognise the files.
Does this help?

  Teasle 17:35 11 Mar 2008

Further to the above, I notice that when I insert a dvd it does like, the icon on windows explorer says DVD-ROM D-drive where as when I insert a problem disc, the icon changes to DVD-RAM D-drive.

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