Burnt cds on car stereo

I have burnt some cds that won't play on my car stereo. I know that not all cd players will play 'homemade' cds but it does play some tracks of some cds. Is there any software that will burn an almost perfect cd? I currently use Nero and like I say the car cd player will play some tracks on some discs. So it is not as if it won't play any fullstop. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 17:25 29 Jan 2006

and sometimes I get 'ERROR' on my car's display when I insert a disk.

Usually I can cure the problem by licking a fingertip and running it around the extreme outer edge of the CD - on the playing face. It works nearly every time.

Want to borrow a CD anyone?

  Smiler 17:26 29 Jan 2006

Try a different make of disc also burn at a slower speed than usual.

  Totally-braindead 17:28 29 Jan 2006

If it will play some tracks on some CDs the most likely explanations are , some of the tracks you are trying to play may be MP3s if so most stereos won't even see them never mind read them, and if you've used different disks some players are touchy about certain makes and may not be able to read them. If it reads some tracks on a particular disk yet cannot read the others then I suggest that initially you check that they are audio files and not MP3s.

  De Marcus™ 17:29 29 Jan 2006

As much of a pain as it is, I have to burn at 2xspeed to get my disk changer to recognise cd's.

Firstly, I have tried burning at the lowest speed and secondly when I burn them they are changed to audio files automatically as I select the 'burn as audio cd' option. Any other ideas anyone? Thanks.

  rdave13 18:00 29 Jan 2006

Try click here Works for me.

  Halmer 18:27 29 Jan 2006

refused to honour the warranty on my mate's 3 month old Golf because a copy CD got jammed in the player. Said that you shouldn't play copies which is news to me.

  Biotech 20:25 29 Jan 2006

Your dealer is taking the oui oui. Write to VW and complain about his attitude. A CD is a CD

  Stuartli 20:43 29 Jan 2006

>>A CD is a CD>>

An audio CD and a CD-R are two different animals.

However, I have a VW with a six-disk CD player in the boot and it plays CD-Rs OK. But it's too old (six years) to play files such as WMA and MP3s as it's before such use became popular.

[email protected]

You are not, by any chance, using CD-RW disks?

If so, that will be the problem as their reflectivity level is dramatically lower than for CD-Rs and prove difficult to read even for CD-ROM drives in some cases.

  Biotech 21:01 29 Jan 2006

I was referring to the jamming rather than the playing!!

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