curlylad 17:51 14 Jan 2004

I have just got my new PC with loads of new features including a DVD-Rw Multiformat (+&-) DVD Burner (copy DVD's and CD's).
I have never used this kind of hardware before and want to know :- 1) What are the definitions of Burner and Ripper?
2)If I do want to start copying DVD's and CD's have I got the correct hardware for this ?
3)Do I need to use any software for doing this and if so where can I get this software and also is the software free?
4)Can some one give me a link to a site that gives an explanation how do this or a tutorial regarding the subject ?

I know It's quite a big ask this one but I have faith in the calibre of you folks out there, so can anyone take this one on ?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:12 14 Jan 2004

Burning: the process of creating a CD/DVD - the data is "burned" onto the blank disk.

Ripping - taking the data from a CD/DVD and putting it onto another medium - eg taking a songs from a CD and saving them as MP3.

AheadNero is a good program for the burning process. It, or Roxio, may have come with your machine. Neither are free, but do come bundled with hardware.

DVDs cannot simply be copied - they need to be decoded into another format first. CDs can be copied directly if you have the permission of the copyright owner.

  Rayuk 18:17 14 Jan 2004

All you need to know re dvd
click here

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