Burning widescreen dvd's

  andy625 16:23 23 Mar 2007

I am trying to burn some widescreen AVI files to DVD. I have Cyberlink Power Producer, which camefree with my DVD burner, however it doesn't support widescreen files. Cyberlink do another version: Power Producer 4, which does, but its $69.

Can anyone recommend this prog, or is there a better one around?

  moorie- 16:27 23 Mar 2007

sorry i dont know anything about the program,but stumbled upon it here @£9.79 whilst i was looking for something else
click here

  andy625 19:45 23 Mar 2007

Thanks moorie. Anyone else recommend anything different? Just wondered if it was a good program?

  MAJ 20:38 23 Mar 2007

Are you trying to edit these widescreen (16:9) videos or are yuo just trying to burn them to DVD so that they view in widescreen on your TV, andy625?

Where did you get these video files, if you don't mind me asking?

  andy625 18:36 24 Mar 2007

I'm not trying to edit the files, I just want to burn them to dvd to watch on my TV.

The files are tv programmes that I missed when they were shown. A friend gave them to me on CD as avi files, but they are all widescreen.

  eedcam 19:05 24 Mar 2007

How did you get recorded tv files in avi? Andy

  andy625 16:55 25 Mar 2007

Like I said in the previous post, a friend gave me a cd with the files on it. I think he has his sky box linked up to his pc somehow. I'm not sure how he did it. Why all the interest?

I bought Cucusoft avi-dvd converter program, but it means I have to convert the files, then use a different program to burn them to dvd, as the burning part of the Cucusoft prog doesn't seem to work quite right.

Can anyone recommend Power producer 4 or is there a better program???

  eedcam 18:32 25 Mar 2007

'I'm not sure how he did it. Why all the interest?' Just curious why he'd bother converting to avi and which avi ? its not a format so there are variations .Given exactly what it is someone may be able to assist more.Meanwhile this freebie might work dont know about W/screen though
click here

  pj123 19:09 25 Mar 2007

Have you got Nero Burn.

I have just tried it and Nero will read .avi files and burn to DVD.

  andy625 19:40 25 Mar 2007

Sorry eedcam, I didn't realise there were more than one type of avi files. I'm not sure wich type I have. I thought the sticking point was the fact that they are widescreen rather than "normal". I'll try your recommendation, thanks.

pj123, I have Nero express. Does Nero Burn recognise widescreen files?

  eedcam 23:00 25 Mar 2007

No problem Andy nero express SE should recognise wide screen it does my dv-avi files from my camcorder. Also what you could try is run it through windows movie maker ( setting it in options ) to wide screen and then to nero

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