Burning video on hard drive to DVD with Nero OEM

  Agent501 17:19 30 Nov 2005


My first ever time visiting a techie forum...help!! I have downloaded (with Quick Time Pro) a 1 minute video clip and saved it on my hard drive. I can't seem to figure out how to burn it onto a DVD with Nero OEM. Can anyone help?


  Agent501 17:31 30 Nov 2005

Hi again,

Just to clarify, I am using Nero Express. I choose DVD-Video Files, click Add, find the downloaded Quick Time video on my C drive but when I try to select it I get an error message of "The problem is no compatible file found" .....

  De Marcus™ 17:51 30 Nov 2005

The problem lies in the format with which your burning. When you choose the option to create a dvd video disk, nero expects to see files fit for that format which are essentially .vob .ifo etc, etc. The quicktime format is none of these and so will require converting into the compatible format.

Just one question, are you experimenting with DVD Burning? The reason I ask is a one minute video on DVD is a bit wasteful, perhaps a video cd may be be better?

  De Marcus™ 17:54 30 Nov 2005

In the meantime you can download a trial version converter unless anyone knows of a freebie click here

  Agent501 18:08 30 Nov 2005

Hi there De Marcus. Thanks a lot for confirming what I was just figuring out and thanks for the download of the converter...that's saved me a lot of time researching - I'll try it right now.

The reason I am burning so little material is that I am burning a presenter's show reel. I have two 1 minute clips that I want to put onto a disc to send to prospective employers. Any advice? I just got my DVD burner, have made a copy of an entire disk and now am trying to get a bit fancy.

Another thing I wanted to do is to take excerpts from other recordings of my work which are on DVDs and put them all on one DVD...again, can you give me any 'heads up' as I know nothing!! It's a miracle I'm even trying to do more than just make a straight DVD to DVD copy!

Cheers - I'll come back here and let it be known that the problem has be resolved!

  De Marcus™ 18:46 30 Nov 2005

An interesting idea Agent501, I'm intrigued, what line of work are you in?

I've never made such a dvd before but I'd imagine that were I to look at your disk from a prospective employers point of view I'd be wanting a quick intro about yourself before any movies is played, so line up a session whereby you can record you introducing yourself.

The way I would do it (and I'm not saying you should do it this way) would be to have your name on a black screen in large white letters and in smaller letters, state what the disk is (in your case, it's a digital CV, but something catchier may be better) underneath this wording I would place a large blue (my fave colour) play button. This play button would initiate your video introduction (keep it short and simple). At the end of the video intro I would then place buttons on a fancy background relating someway to your field of work (may be a bit much, so not too fancy as this will be your main menu screen). On this background I'd have two large buttons labelled 'Play Into Again' and 'See My Work' or what have you (again wording is key). The 'see my work' button would take the viewer to another screen (same background) with maybe 9 buttons playing 10 second looped clips. The buttons should be titled and describe what the video is about. Needless to say almost every page should have a navigation structure (i.e. back, play, menu etc). If your thinking at this point, that it all sounds very complicated then you'd be right, but because your using nero vision express it makes the job very easy indeed as it will automatically insert navigation, changeable backrounds, looped video clips, etc.

As for adding your other clips from your other disks all you have to do is copy the clips to your hard drive and then add them to nero when your ready.

  De Marcus™ 18:48 30 Nov 2005

I forgot to mention you can trim any clips using nero if they need tweaking.

  Agent501 07:58 01 Dec 2005

Thanks for all that info! I don't have the chance to crack on with it now as I'm going abroad for a couple of weeks but I can see that I'm going to have HOURS of fun when I get back!

By the way, I do television and corporate presenting....

I'll come back to the forum later this month when I have returned to the UK and have had a chance to muck around with my DVD's.


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