Burning video files on to a DVD-R using Nero

  Evenstar* 15:11 13 Feb 2004

I have some video files downloaded on my computer and I want to burn them directly onto a dvd-r so I can watch them on my dvd player....can this be done in Nero and if so how?.....can anyone recommend the best software for this action if Nero doesn't work?

Many thanks in advance!

  tenplus1 15:21 13 Feb 2004

Get hold of the Nero 6 package which comes with the actual burning suite as well as Nero Vision Express which will allow you to create DVD movies quickly and easily from your existing movie files on hard-drive...

goto: click here for a free trial download

  Evenstar* 15:30 13 Feb 2004

I will try both of your suggestions, I have Nero 6 Ultimate Edition but when I tried burning the files on a dvd-r disc I wasn't able to access them on the dvd player, only on the pc...:(

  Evenstar* 23:40 16 Feb 2004

Well, so far no good....I still haven't got any idea how to get this done.....

Basically I have a load of video files that I downloaded, I want to burn them onto a dvd-r that can be played back on my dvd player. Can someone please tell me how I would go about this using Nero...step by step? :(

  Falkyrn 23:55 16 Feb 2004

The problem may not be with what you are doing but in your DVD players acceptance of the disc created... my own experience is very similar but of 3 DVD players only one accepted and played the discs.

  Wilham 23:58 16 Feb 2004

One slip and you've ruined a DVD-R. So to overcome my cackhandedness I'm experimenting with DVD-RW's.
It's advisable to pre-format, they're slower at X1 or X2, cost a little more, but suit my temperament and in long run, my purse.

  Evenstar* 00:07 17 Feb 2004

I'm pretty sure it's not the dvd player in this case as I've played many different kinds of dvd-rs on it with no problem.

I just want to know if it is actually possible to burn video files directly onto a dvd-r so it will play on a dvd player....is there something else I should be doing?

  matthew-293741 08:37 17 Feb 2004

Evenstar...it really all depends what files you are trying to put onto disc....if they are ISO...or TS files then you should have no problem...if they are AVI's then you will have to convert them ...same with MPEG 1....you will need to get them converted to MPEG-2 (well for my DVD player thats what works for me!!)

if you want more info goto dvdrhelp.com there you should find all you need!!!

  BigMoFoT 09:50 17 Feb 2004

Nero 6 will only accept VOB and video_ts files..Presuming that you have these type of files when you burnt the DVD did you select DVD from the new compiilation and choose DVD Video?

  Evenstar* 10:09 17 Feb 2004

I need to convert them....I thought it was something like that, can anyone recommend the best software for this?

Again, thank you for all your help! :)

Oh and I did BigMoFoT, in answer to your question - thanks.

  PeterPaul 16:26 17 Feb 2004

Ulead Video Studio 7 or Ulead Movie Factory

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