Burning software on to disc

  Mbube 15:20 22 Mar 2008


I want to buy a program called ProShow Gold (for creating slideshows) this software is only available from the U.S. so for convenience I would chose to download it but then I wont have a disc. Can I burn the download straight on to a disc in case I ever need to reinstall the software. Basically I don’t want to pay $70 for some software only to loose it if my computer crashes. Any advice would be appreciated thanks

  brundle 15:25 22 Mar 2008

Yes. Also useful to save a text file with your registration details on the CD too if it will be safely stored away.

  Mbube 16:07 22 Mar 2008

That's great I think I'll go ahead and get the software. I've quite recently started using a Vista computer and my old version of Nero is no longer compatible but I haven't got round to installing the new version yet. So I guess I'll need to do that first as I'm not sure if I can burn the disc using WMP11. Thanks

  eedcam 17:53 22 Mar 2008

Before you take the plunge have you checked out magix phots on cd and dvd That isa pretty good slide show programme and can be purchased boxed Pc world /amazon etc'. Also a Reasonable support and is own forum.I preferred it to proshow gold though now I just use adobe premiere elements
click here

  Mbube 19:15 22 Mar 2008

thanks for the recomendation, I certainly prefer the price. Basically I want to be able to view my photos on my tv using my Panasonic DVD recorder. I have burnt slideshows before using HP Memories Disc Creator and also Nero and in both cases the picture quality is terrible. What I want is software that will give me the same image quality as I get when I view my photos on my pc. I actually asked a question about this sometime ago and ProShow Gold was highly Recomended. However I didn't go ahead and get it because I then had major problems with my pc and to get a new one. Which is why I'm keen to know about burning software on to disc

  eedcam 19:46 22 Mar 2008

With magix you can burn for tv or pc also you can hide shows within disc which is handy if you want to loan it to anyone they need only see the relevant slide show .I think you can get afree trial from magix well worth alook.I was quite happy with the results and the only main thing I found in favour of Proshow was the pan and zoom .However I can do that with adobe even better

  MAJ 19:57 22 Mar 2008

Before spending £35 try Irfanview, it can create pretty good slideshows and burn them to VCD which most of today's DVD Players can read. Best of all, it's free. click here

  MIke 20:08 22 Mar 2008

As well as burning installation files I save mine in a folder called Installations (how original) on my hard drive which is periodically backed up to an external drive. The reason for this is two fold. Firstly it's quicker than locating the cd if I ever need to re-install but more importantly burned cd's can and do fail as they deteriorate over time.

  MIke 20:16 22 Mar 2008

BTW I have Proshowgold and it is a very good program, producing excellent quality slideshows that can be viewed on TV via a dvd player. The picture quality is very good. There are many different effects that can be used in your shows, and the program will take a little while to master but is worth getting to know. I think you can download a trial version, which can be unlocked to a full version on payment. Try it out to see if the quality is suitable for your needs.

I would add you need a reasonably decent spec PC to run the program smoothly. Mine's an AMD 64 3700+ processor with 2GB RAM and is perfectly able to run the program at a reasonable pace.


  MIke 20:20 22 Mar 2008

Also I see you are questioning whether you need Nero installed to burn your discs. Proshowgold has it's own burning software built in. You don't need to use any other burning program, just tell proshow to output to dvd and it does the hard work for you. The burning engine is reglarly updated to include new dvd writers.

  eedcam 22:34 22 Mar 2008

Mbube be aware that when posters suggest a programme that it is often naturally biased to what they use. To evaluate you obviously need to try them yourself. I have used but no longer use either of these programmes and both like all similar software probably do the same thing each differing slightly in their approach .It boils down to price/ how user friendly/ Support/ and whether you are happy with the end result. Do try before you buy and dont be swayed by to many bells and whistles loads of transition effects are worthless you and your viewers will soon tire of them as is for sound concentrate on the subject.

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