burning problems

  kwingy 19:11 03 Jan 2007

i have repeatedly tried to burn some songs in mp3 format onto a cd, once that is done i try and play in my hi fi which plays mp3s and it says check disc, this also happens with my other cd player, does anyone know whats wrong with it ?


  Totally-braindead 19:13 03 Jan 2007

Perhaps your hifi doesn't like this particular brand of CDS, could you try another make? Before you do this could you check the disk is finalised as if it isn't that could cause some problems.

  kwingy 19:16 03 Jan 2007

i used the spindle which ive done countless cds without problems and i tried a sony cdr but it nero says it cant burn because it doesnt have the previous backups session or something. what do you mean finalised ?

  theDarkness 19:52 03 Jan 2007

i dont think its too common, but some hifis cannot play mp3s if they are in folders on your burnt disc.
if they definately arent in any folders on the disc, insert your burnt disc, click on it and right click on any mp3 and select its properties, does it state anything out of the ordinary(if this is possible-ill assume if it was a bad burn then you might not be able to see any mp3s burnt on the disc).

if not, try and burn one again (perhaps even using another brand of cd) and write down exactly what that nero error message states. what did you use to create the mp3s?

in nero, click on file and properties at the top of the screen. make sure in this box you have selected to use a cd and that the burn option has "write" and "finalise" selected

  theDarkness 19:54 03 Jan 2007

if nothing works then you could try and reinstall nero, perhaps something in the program has been corrupted or is missing, although thats the last resort

  Strawballs 20:09 03 Jan 2007

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  rodriguez 20:15 03 Jan 2007

There might be a particular file structure you need to burn or it might not accept MP3s with filenames longer than a certain amount of letters. Also it might need to be in a certain filesystem such as ISO9660 or Joliet. There are also different modes such as Mode 1 and Mode 2/XA that should be considered. However all of this should be detailed in the manual and these settings can easily be changed in Nero in the box just before the CD is burned.

  Stuartli 20:24 03 Jan 2007

Have you been using multisession to burn MP3 files to a disk, perhaps in Nero?

If so you have to Save each session before starting a new multisession sequence - otherwise some of the files cannot be read.

Nero always asks if you wish to Save.

You only need to Finalise just before the last multisession addition of files.

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