Burning my first dual layer DVD

  sheila.weston 17:19 22 Sep 2005

Help, please! I have just bought five dual layer DVD+R disks from PCWorld and think I am ready to burn my first disk, using nero. As these are rather expensive I don't want to make a mistake so would be grateful if someone could check, please.

I have opened the Nero Burning ROM window, worked through the new compilation window, including the 'no multisession' option, selected the files and they are now in the LHpanel. The disk is in the DVD Dual Layer drive. So I think I am ready to click the 'burn' icon. Why I am hesitating is that the bar at the bottom shows blue up to 4.5giga, but yellow between 4.5 and just over 7.5. Is this correct, or does it mean that Nero will only copy the first 4.5 giga (in other words it thinks that the disk is only single layer)?


  oseven 19:55 22 Sep 2005

As nobody else has responded to your question can I suggest you look on the web site of the maker of your DVD burner or the Nero site under faq's. If you solve your problem please let us know the answer as I shall be burning dual layer myself shortly.

  sheila.weston 11:13 23 Sep 2005

Hmm..... Actually, I have already tried that - Sony for the Dual Layer drive and Nero for the DVD creator. There may be a forum somewhere - I'll hunt over the weekend when I can't get on the internet. Or I may risk it and press the burn key. The yellow portion may be a reminder to people to use a dual-layer disk.

  pj123 13:31 23 Sep 2005

Go on, be brave. Give it a try.

I also have a Dual Layer burner but haven't bought any DL disks yet, (like you say, expensive).

But you could be the first to try it, and if it works let us all know, or even tell that you now have an expensive coaster.

What version of Nero do you have? I have the latest If you don't have that version you can download it free from the Nero site at click here

Be aware that you will have to download both Package 1 and Package 2 which are both about 35mb each. If you are on dialup it will take a long time. If you don't want to download it I have both packages on my hard drive and can put them on a CD and post it out to you. email me your address if you want them.

  sheila.weston 12:52 27 Sep 2005

I have now updated 'Nero' and the burn process APPEARED to complete satisfactorily (Verbatim DVD+R Disks), although the box said: 'Burn process completed satisfactorily, with warnings.' - it took about 45 minutes. I did *not* tick the verify box which, I understand, can sometimes cause problems.

For the record, the line at the bottom of the Nero window was all blue up to the 8.5 giga mark, so I think I was right to hesitate!

I then began to print out the Log File, but it was 27 pages long, so I stopped it after the first four pages. Essentially, all the messages said '#xxx'WINPFILE 3 File winfile.cpp, Line 274. The system cannot find the path specified'. It then went on to give a path for each image to the My Pictures Folder in the C:\Documents and Settings\SheilaWeston\My Documents folder. BUT all my pictures are all in F:\, where I keep all my documents.

I have looked at the disk and find that approximately half the image files will display and open as they should. But half of them will not open atall and in PSElements the message is: 'Could not complete your request because a jpeg marker segment length is too short (the file may be truncated or incomplete)'.

Going back to the Compilation Window and trying to open the selected files, I find that all the files in the folders below about half way have a little cross against them. (ie the ones that don't open on the DVD.)

I was going to write to Nero about this, but the online form is impossibly complicated.

Any suggestions about the missing WINPFILE and wrong path?

  oseven 19:55 04 Oct 2005

This should get you back at the top of the forum.I hope someone can help you as I also want an answer.

  bazb 20:31 04 Oct 2005

Have you made sure that Nero is set for DVD9 and not DVD5

  sheila.weston 11:52 05 Oct 2005

Bazb, the only choice in the opening 'compilation window' is for DVD or CD. I selected DVD and then DVD-ROM (ISO). Where did you find the DVD9 or 5 selection?

I am currently waiting for a reply from Nero. Having filled in the help form on their website, they replied by email asking for the log.txt, infotool.txt and NeroHistorylog.txt files. I'll let you know when they reply.


  bazb 13:46 05 Oct 2005


when I open Nero 6 and select DVD, then select what type of disc I want to do, it opens the Disc Content window (add data to your disc)
where it shows how much disc space you have used, at the end of that line is a box were you can select DVD5 (4483MB) or DVD9 (8152MB).


  sheila.weston 15:47 05 Oct 2005

Ah.... I haven't selected multisession. I have read messages that recommend not using multisession for DVD.

No dont use multisession for DVDR.

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