Burning as an mp3 disk???

  gudda96 17:57 21 Dec 2006

I use Nero express 5.5 and burn audio cd's no problem and they normally save as cda.

Although I see the option to choose mp3 as the format, I can't do it.

Can someone give me a step x step please

  dukeboxhero 18:45 21 Dec 2006

if its a mp3 cd you want to burn then you can burn it as a data disc open data disc add your music then tick the box that says allow files to be added later (mutisession disc) if you want to add files later if its converting a cd to mp3 you need to d/load a converter like
click here
hope this helps

  RicScott 18:45 21 Dec 2006

try creating a data CD instead and drop the MP3s on that way..

  gudda96 19:40 21 Dec 2006

Well, the mind boggles, that looks simple yet queer having to do data, anyway it worked..in a fashion.

Thes audio files were already in my music as I had ripped them using WMP and they had saved as wma format which I believe is normal?

I have just done what you said and I stopped adding tracks after burning 54 (will add on later) but I have just put burnt cd in drive//my computer//open drive//they are still wma??

Now that I look again, during the process of/open nero express 5.5/data/multiseesion/add tracks/I see no option to say MP3. Have they got to be ripped to my music first as mp3??

dukeboxhero>>>I do have dbpoweramp which is a converter??

  dukeboxhero 19:52 21 Dec 2006

if you are d/loadind music from internet (legally)they will be mp3 format if your putting songs from a cd then they will have to be converted first dbpoweramp should do this for you

  gudda96 19:59 21 Dec 2006

So if I download from i/n, files will be mp3??

If I d/l my shop cd's to my music using wmp can I rip them as mp3.

I am getting a bit confused what I can/cannot do with both WMP and Nero 5.5.

  dukeboxhero 21:04 21 Dec 2006

tracks from internet will be mp3
tracks from shop cd can be converted to mp3 using
click here scroll down to converting audio files , then you can burn them on to mpe data disc

  dukeboxhero 21:05 21 Dec 2006

the e should be 3

  Zorgalite 21:12 21 Dec 2006

You can also use WMP to rip your music CD's as MP3 format if you go in to the tools tab, then options, and change the rip settins to MP3 under "format", and you can adjust the bitrate as well(lower bitrate means lower quality). Works perfectly for me anyway.

  gudda96 08:14 22 Dec 2006

I do appreciate all the help but I need to clarify
more as I easily get confused.

I have ripped several cd,s using wmp and saved in my music,they have all saved as wma format

If I want to burn them to blank cd's as mp3, I can use nero 5.5 but choose data to do so.
If I choose to simplify, I could delete all my cds (wma) in my music and start again.

If I do this, when I rip them to my music next time, should/can I rip them as mp3. If I do, then burn them to cd, will they automatically burn as mp3 or do I still have to choose a mp3 option.

  brundle 08:26 22 Dec 2006

Is there a specific reason to burn them to CD as MP3 ? You will lose quality if you convert from wma to mp3 as WMA is a `lossy` format too. click here
If you want the best mp3 quality, rip them again directly to mp3 as Zorgalite described and you suggested yourself.

You don't `choose` to burn a disc full of mp3s - it's just data, the same way you could burn a disc full of text files, pictures, word documents - Nero doesn't care what the data is. The only time Nero changes the format is if you want to burn an audio CD from mp3 or wma files, Nero decompresses it to audio.

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