Burning Mp3 Cd's using Musicmatch Jukebox

  Roadgiant 21:15 15 Aug 2004

I wonder if someone can please tell me where I am going wrong? I am trying to burn some Mp3's (for a well earned holiday next week!) using Musimatch Jukebox 7.5 as supplied on the cover of last months PCA. I can rip to the hard drive no problem.

I then use Burnerplus (part of MMJ7.5) and select the albums I would like and then burn them to CD, my portable CD/MP3 recognises them and plays them, but does not appear to reconise them as individual albums, so instead of having an MP3 Cd with say 10 albums with approx 12 tracks on each album it appears that I only have one album with 120 tracks on even though it breaks them down by artist.

I have just tried the same process to burn using Nero 5.00 and that lets my CD/Mp3 player recognise each different album, so the problem isn't my Mp3/cd player

I think I must be missing a vital setting in MMJ?

Under Burnerplus\Options\Mp3 under Automatic folder creation (using tags) I have selected Album\ArtistName\Trackname.

Thanks in advance

  Roadgiant 12:55 16 Aug 2004

Still trying to work this out

  TommyRed 14:25 16 Aug 2004


  Smiler 17:37 16 Aug 2004

The following is taken from the help menu in burner plus window:-

These settings refer to Musicmatch Burner Plus, not the Basic burner.

Click the Burn button on the Player to open the Burner Plus window. Next click the Options button, then select Settings to configure burner software, hardware and media options.

Click the Modify button. Folder names will be created based on the information under Folder Tags.

Under Folder Tags, click the Tag file to base the folder name from. Then click the right-arrow (----->) button to add the tag folder, or click Add All Tags to create multiple sub folders.

Click OK to accept changes.

Click the Clear All Tags button to start over, or highlight a tag and click the left-arrow button (<-----) to remove a highlighted tag.

Reorder the tags to determine how folders will be setup. Highlight a tag and click the Up or Down button to reorder.

  Roadgiant 23:36 16 Aug 2004

Thanks Smiler, but still not working correctly, in the version of MMJB I have 7.5 with BurnerPlus (the free one from PCA cover, as I mentioned in the original post:-

"Under Burnerplus\Options\Mp3 under Automatic folder creation (using tags) I have selected AlbumTitle\ArtistName\Trackname\."

I asume the above is where you mean, presumably you have a diferent (later?) version than the 7.5. The default setting just gives <root>\ so as mentioned above I amended "Automatic folder creation (using tags" to the above thinking it was the logical way.
Somewhere along the line I must be missing something obvious, thanks once again for any advice.

  Irishman 00:26 17 Aug 2004

click here Try this instead. Excellent program.

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