Burning Movies - Needs Some Help

  simmo07 02:54 03 Sep 2007

how do i go about this, i have some dvd backups on my computer and when i try to burn with nero it takes up to 11hrs. ive tried dvdSanta which only takes about 5 minutes but always fails around 95% burning (new writer maybe why its failing). PS2 doesnt recognize, DVD player wont play it and Xbox360 recognises the disk but wont play it.

Im running:

800Mhz PIII
256mb RAM
attempting to write *.avi


try using dvd shrink
file>open image
or open files button
once open select back up from drop down to your dvd rw

guide click here
shrink click here

  eedcam 09:26 03 Sep 2007

Shrink wont touch avi you could try this freebie
click here. Depending what format you are using, avi is'nt a format so there are several variants it can take several hours to encode

  simmo07 11:01 03 Sep 2007

yeah Nero Vision Express is the one that takes 11 hours!

Its just to get the avi on a dvd disk so it can play it in most dvd players.

what formats or ways are you using or have used?


  MichelleC 11:03 03 Sep 2007

Also make sure your DMA is enabled on hd's and turn off any non-vital background progs to lessen load of processor.

  MichelleC 11:04 03 Sep 2007

of = on.

  eedcam 14:11 03 Sep 2007

I use camcorder which is dv-avi 13G/byte is one hours footage in size believe me 11 hours is nowt.MOvies I do of dvd so not much time invoved there You could try this freebie dont have it but it looks as if it might be of use click here

  eedcam 14:25 03 Sep 2007

Just tried it looks very promising Iused it to create a folder which I coould then run through shrinkllater ,

  simmo07 14:44 03 Sep 2007

cheers every1 so far. i thought 11 hours was a crazy amount of time anyway! eedcam, ill look at that DVD flick. MichelleC, i checked for DMA it says enabled when available.

  simmo07 23:02 05 Sep 2007

ive got it working now, my method is convert it to DVD ISO (can take up to 4+ hours) then burn the DVD ISO to DVD disk.

Thanks again

  Tim1964 23:15 05 Sep 2007

I've recently started using 'Sothink Movie DVD Maker' after finding that an hour long AVI was taking over 8 hours to decode and burn, only to find it wouldn't play in a stand alone DVD player.

Nothing like turning a packet of DVDRs into coasters :D

The Sothink software is completely free and converts and burns a 2hr film in about 90mins. The best part of it for me, after trying DVDflick, Nero and about 5 others, was that it's vey easy to use if you just want to turn an AVI into a DVD without the frippery of subtitles/menus/headings/chapters etc.

click here

it doesn't say, but it works with Vista too.

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