Burning Linuxs ISO files from PDA CD

  Dearersteak 13:12 26 Sep 2003

Hi all,
Well, I?d been toying with the idea of trying out Linux's for a long time, so when PCA came alone with Mandrake 9.1 Linux?s on there DVD, it just seemed like a sign from the gods. Now, I?m planning on running it in VMware for the time being, and if I find that?s it?s the answer to my dreams, then I plan to go get a second 40Gig hard drive, and run it alone side Xp. But until then, I just want to try it out.

Now my question is simple. I have the 3 ISO files off the CD rom, (which I am assuming will use 3 CD's, as this wasn?t mention in the instructions). Now, I use Nero 5. The instructions are for easy CD creator, and it says to burn it as a raw data CD. So under Nero, what should I burn it as? A Data CD? Or... there?s something called an ISO CD? Is that the ticket?

Some one please untangle me!


  A15 13:40 26 Sep 2003

Cannot say as though I am too sure about Nero as I am afraid I use Easy CD Creator, but under that you just double click on the ISO file & it opens the appropriate section of ECDC. I am sure it must be very similiar for Nero.

But in saying that 3 ISO files will require 3 CD's? Yes you are correct.

  Dearersteak 13:42 26 Sep 2003

Right, well, not to panic, not long after i posted my first message, a friend manged to point me in the right direction with nero!

Thanks anyway!
I'll let u know how it goes!

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