Burning ISO files to CD

  miniman79 16:35 26 Aug 2005


I have already downloaded Ubuntu linux as .iso files and burned to CD. I have lost that CD but still have the iso files on the hard drive. The problem is if I use Nero and say burn CD ISO it makes a tea coster out of the CD. I have tried the bootable option in Nero express but it just puts Caldera DOS that enables it too boot. What am I doing wrong?

  mattyc_92 16:43 26 Aug 2005

Can you please explain, in more detail, what you are doing (step-by-step)?

  miniman79 16:46 26 Aug 2005


Open Nero burning Rom up. Then select new CD ISO. Add the files to burn and click burn. I could have sworn that I had to select "burn image" before but if i try this i am unable to select all the files that is held in the folder


  soy 16:52 26 Aug 2005


Dont select CD ISO. Instead close the wizard and go to File > Open

Locate and open the ISO file. Nero should automatically open it up and have it ready for burning. Then just click on the burn CD button.

  woodchip 17:32 26 Aug 2005

Or if it older NERO go to File in menu, one or the other for burn Image

  mattyc_92 17:45 26 Aug 2005

File->Open->file here->OK and make sure it is "finalised"

  miniman79 22:22 26 Aug 2005

Thanks for the help guys. It was as you all said ignore the wizard. File....open and it does it for you!

  mattyc_92 14:19 06 Sep 2005

Please tick

  keith-236785 20:48 06 Sep 2005

start nero express, at the bottom of the screen, click the "disk image or saved project" (bottom one in list)
change the files of type box (bottom drop down box) to "image files *.nrg;*.iso;*.cue) then browse to the saved iso file. choose the burner if you have more than one, then click Next.

assuming you had a blank cd in the drive, burning should start.

if you have problems with it, try it on a friends pc, there may be a problem with your burner or instalation of Nero.

  keith-236785 20:49 06 Sep 2005

omg teach me to read all entries b4 i type all that lot........glad you are sorted.

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