Burning DVDs Problem

  Ex plorer 10:58 13 May 2011

Double clicking E Drive in my computer shows the photos I want to burn but when I select burn the disk starts-up and the I get the message. (There was an error burning to disk the disk may no longer be usable) The DVDs are Brand new but a couple of years old.

OS Vista. Laptop Samsung R610. DVD CD make, Slim type 610 BD E DS4 E1S

I have tried to Format the DVDs and it cant be done, message I get (Windows was unable to complete the Format.) Quick format is greyed out and set at UDF1 Default.

I have tried Windows burn it gets to 89% and then rejects disk and takes an age of a duck.

I also downloaded Free Easy Burner with same results unable to burn disk.

I have no problem in burning CDs.

  northumbria61 11:40 13 May 2011

The fact that CDs burn fine and DVDs do not means almost certainly that the DVD laser (CDs use a different laser from DVDs) has failed and all you can do is replace the device. Sorry, but it happens.

  Ex plorer 12:19 13 May 2011

northumbria61 Never thought of that thanks I will see what a replacement costs against a portable one. I should be able to fit an internal one ok regardles Thanks again.

  Grey Goo 13:21 13 May 2011

Is there a firmware upgrade available, may be worth a look before you trash the drive. You appear to be using RW discs, have you tried non rewritables.

  eedcam 17:27 13 May 2011

If you had done a search first you might have seen a Possible cause or solution link text to your problem http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/1/helproom/4040784/dvd-burning-issues/#4041568

  Ex plorer 14:37 07 Jun 2011

I have now solved the problem by purchasing a further two lots of DVDs to try and burn . Verbatim 8x work fine, OK its cost a few quid in different makes but problem is now solved.

  Terry Brown 15:10 07 Jun 2011

Glad to see the problem solved.

Just a tip-- DVD's & CD's rely on a dye that loses it's colour after a while, and makes the disk unusable (possibly your problem).

After burning the disk , get apolish (like Turtle Wax Liquid) and apply a thin coat to the DVD, allow to dry and polish with an Anti-static cloth.

This still allows the disk to be read, but the dye is sealed in and so the disks last longer, especially if they are in a well lit area (bright sunshine).


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