Burning DVD's with NERO 5.5

  leedaz 18:04 14 Dec 2005

I am trying to copy a DVD with Nero Burning ROM but keep getting the error message 'cache file too small'. Has anyone got an idea how I can get this disc to copy? TIA.

  Sharpamatt 18:08 14 Dec 2005

5.5 was one of the early editions for use with a DVD.writer

If this is an attempt to copy a copyrighted DVD this message may on fact be part of the Copy protection

  csqwared 18:13 14 Dec 2005

Look here...click here, particularly the post from rmccann (about five down the list)


  woodchip 18:22 14 Dec 2005

Can you first copy it to hard disc

  leedaz 19:01 14 Dec 2005

Thanks for the replies. Firstly,just to clear it up...I wanted to copy some DVD's for my house in France, surely this is allowed ?(isn't it ??). The film in question was a freebie in the Daily Telegraph, although I was also wanting to copy the recently purchased 'War of the Worlds' which I noticed has a copyright protection logo on the back cover.
I'm not doing a copy disk, as this comes up with the error 'the disk is copyright protected' so Sharpamatt might have the answer. I'm compiling a disk in Nero and trying to burn the image.
woodchip doesn't that take hours ?
csqwared you might have a point but I'm not that clued up on the workings of memory so can't really figure it out.
Just bought the £40 CDRW Drive today a PIONEER DVR 110D.
Windows 2000 fully up to date 512MB Athlon XP 1700+

  leedaz 19:06 14 Dec 2005

Trying to copy contents of disk to HDD as per woodchip's idea. Windows saying 10 mins. Will try to make copy from there and post back.

  leedaz 19:24 14 Dec 2005

Copying seemed to work OK but end result was a disk that won't play. Any ideas ?

  leedaz 19:33 14 Dec 2005

after a wait of 2 or 3 mins. I now have a line of colours on my dvd player (pc internal). Obviously it isn't working. Anyone ?

  Sharpamatt 20:14 14 Dec 2005

I wasnt taking about whats allowed, for your own use isnt normally a problem, however protection on DVDs makes copying difficult.

I would suggest a vist to Neros website where you can obtain updates for 5.5 which may help

Presume you do have a DVD drive as well as the burner, so in thery there is no need to copy to HD first. but get those updates then experiment with the settings,

If you got a DVD/RW use that to save wasteing discs just ease it after each attempt

  leedaz 14:13 16 Dec 2005

Just upgraded the firmware for dvd drive and was advised to buy Roxio 8 by a friend who knows about these things.I did so and voila a green tick. Thanks to all who replied.

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