Burning DVDs

  Mclearns Bald 18:56 10 May 2007

I made my first attempt using Roxio Easy DVD Copy. I eventually had to cancel my first attempt as it was taking about 15 or 20 minutes to copy 1%. Surely the process can't be this slow? Do the mepg files have to be converted into a different format before the copying process begins?

  [email protected] 20:23 10 May 2007

what are you burning data,music,film?

  rodriguez 22:16 10 May 2007

I never to DVD to DVD copies for these reasons - DVDs have a lot slower reading speeds than CDs (especially recorded DVDs). This means that the speed has to be set slow so that the disc in the reader can catch up with the writer (if it can't, it underruns and ruins the disc, an problem with older CD writers). I find it more reliable (however still not much quicker because of the read speed) to copy the DVD's files over to the computer then write them to the disc from the hard drive. This means the DVD can be written at it's fastest speed.

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