Burning DVDs

  heavymetalkid 01:19 03 Jan 2006

I've got a new Evesham computer and have been trying ....mostly unsuccessfully to burn DVDs since I've had it. I've got Roxio 7 installed on it and I've added Nero and also One Click DVD. Apart from two occasions, each time I burn, it either pops out the blank and displays some sort of error message, or completes the process, but when I attempt a playback(on the computer and my separate DVD player)it either jumps when it plays, or, on my DVD player merely says "this disc cannot be played". I've tried all sorts of blanks, both + and - (my rewriter is a Sony that will play both)from cheapos to full price branded and "R" and "RW". Can anyone help please?

  Brezza 01:26 03 Jan 2006

If you have tried a number of discs and drives etc then its probably a pretty safe bet that its the software thats encoding the DVD thats not doing it properly.

In my expierience Roxio art really the best for DVD authroing.

Your better of converting your video files to MPEG2 via TmPEG (click here) And then authoring it with DVDLAB. (click here)

Iv been authoring DVDs for a few years now and have seen software like Roxio and Ulead DVD movie factory offer things like a "Easy 1-2 Click" dvd making process, but they usual come with pretty shoddy results such as your stuttering and fuzzy video,

Te be all and end all of it is that there really isnt a easy to make DVDs with one click software.

Its always better to encode your files and author them yourself, you will always get the best results and more controll over what your doing such as motion menus and easter eggs.

  Biotech 10:00 03 Jan 2006

It is possible that as you have several burner programmes installed there may be some incompatibility. If you want to use Roxio then remove the others and see if it makes a difference.You may need the Nero clean tool to get rid of it completely.

  stlucia 12:38 03 Jan 2006

My limited experience is the same as Brezza's -- Roxio and Nero are good at burning files to DVD and CD, and creating video DVDs and CDs if you provide them with the files already in the appropriate MPEG format, but you are best off with dedicated authoring software to create the files in the first place.

I've also read (though no personal experience) that Nero and Roxio don't go well together.

Do you have any problems simply burning files to DVD?

  heavymetalkid 00:53 04 Jan 2006

Hey guys thanks for all this. I'm by no means an expert....quite the opposite. Could I trouble you for a (very) basic step by step explanation of how to convert the files and then transfer them to a blank DVD please?

  handful 07:51 04 Jan 2006

I suffered a similar problem with a cd burner a couple of years ago after buying a new pc from MESH and had a mountain of different branded coasters. As it did work on odd occasions I put it down to a software problem but eventually out of sheer frustration got a replacement burner from MESH and I don't think I've ever had a spoilt disk since. Do you have access to another writer that you could test before wasting any more time on the software angle?

  stlucia 08:34 04 Jan 2006

heavymetalkid, I can only tell you how it works on my system: I import video from my camera using a firewire card and Pinnacle Studio DV software. It comes in as one or more .avi files. Then, after I've edited it as I wish, using Pinnacle, I "render" it using Pinnacle. This puts it out into one or more MPEG files -- MPEG2 if I'm going to put them onto a DVD. TMPEG, mentioned by Brezza above, will also create MPEG files from most video formats, though it' not an editing software. I think it's still free click here

Then I go into Roxio "Create a DVD" option (or something like that) and drag and drop the MPEG files into it, and click on "Burn". It should be roughly the same with Nero.

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