Burning DVD with Nero

  sheila.weston 17:06 04 Oct 2004

I have had a new Sony DVD-RW drive installed and am trying to copy some image files (4500mb) from a folder on the c:\ drive, without success. Everything goes according to plan until the end, when a message comes up saying that the Burn Process has failed at 2.4(3,312 kb/s). There is no other speed offered. The shop where I bought the DVD discs from tell me to disable the 'Cache small files option' in Properties. I have done this without success, followed by disabling the other cache option as well. What am I doing wrong?

A power calibration error message came up on my last attempt. The discs are 'Bulkpaq Media: General Purpose DVD+R 4.7GB'.
I am able to copy onto a CD without problems.

  Pamy 17:13 04 Oct 2004

you say the drive is dv-r, but the discs are dv+, so perhaps this is the problem.


  sheila.weston 17:41 04 Oct 2004

Sorry, Pamy, the Drive says DVD R/RW and also says DVD Rewritable on the front. In the properties window it says it says
SONY DVD Rewritable RW DW D22A

  pj123 17:43 04 Oct 2004

Agree with Pamy. You need to buy DVD -R blank discs. I use Bulkpaq DVD blank discs but my DVD burner is multi format so I can use -R or +R.

  pj123 17:54 04 Oct 2004

Just checked this drive out here click here and it seems to be a Dual Layer drive offering + and - DVD writing with buffer underrun. From these specifications I can't see why you have a problem.

  Pamy 18:42 04 Oct 2004

Just a last thought, you have change to DVD in Nero haven,t you?


  SEASHANTY 19:40 04 Oct 2004

Also think that 4.5GB of files are too much to install on a 4.7GB disc - allowing for additional info files which the DVDR must include.

  keith-236785 20:04 04 Oct 2004

i think crx1600 is right with the large ammount of data, i just setup a 4500mb write and it still had a small ammount of red meaning it was too big. try reducing the file size untill the bar shows no red.

good luck

  THE TERMINATOR 20:43 04 Oct 2004

In my experience, a burner only fails when the disk it is to write on is no good. My advice to you is to get some more DVD disks and try them, and maybe solve your problem....TT

  sheila.weston 11:02 05 Oct 2004

Very many thanks for all your suggestions. Yes, I *have* changed to the DVD option. I'll try a different disc - I want to try the capabilities of the Dual-Layer, in any case, so may plunge in straight away. Perhaps email Sony or call into PCWorld when I next pass. I'll reduce the data for copying (although it is below the red point on the Nero chart).

I will also email Mesh, who installed the drive, and ask for their comments. From past experience, they take some time to reply....... BUT they were excellent in their prompt reply and action when the hard disk crashed the other week two years into the three year warranty - that is another story!

I'll leave this thread open as it may take a week or two to sort out. Thanks again,


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