Burning DVD but file is too big...

  Midsman2005 17:28 28 Dec 2005

Hello All,

I was trying to make a copy of my better halfs graduation day DVD and have managed to get the file onto my PC.

My intention was then to write it to DVD using my DVD burner.

However the file is nearly 5 gigabytes and simply to big to burn on to one DVD.

Obviously I need to split the file up so I can write it to two DVD's but I have absolutely no idea how to do this.

I dont want to compress the file as I dont want to lose any image or sound quality.

Anyone have any idea how to split this file?

  gudgulf 17:32 28 Dec 2005

Nero 6 and 7 have a recode feature which will let you resize the DVD to fit on your disc.If you don't have Nero you could also try DVDshrink click here which does the same thing and is free.

  gudgulf 17:33 28 Dec 2005

Incidentally you wont notice a quality loss if you are only compressing a few percent.

  pj123 17:45 28 Dec 2005

What was this memorable DVD originally recorded on to?

If it is already on a DVD then you should have no problem copying it to another DVD using either Nero 6 or DVD Shrink or DVD Xcopy, or even any other program which will copy DVDs.

You don't need to copy it to your hard drive first, just do a straight forward "Copy DVD" in any of the above programs.

  MidgetMan 17:52 28 Dec 2005

dvd shrink uses nero to do the burn, no good if poster does not have nero!, as pj123 says should just be a straight forward copy, if not then perhaps enable overburn or if the dvd burner is dual layer then use a bigger disk.

as an aside, the guy that wrote dvd shrink also wrote nero recode but without the ability to remove encrygen & region code

  Midsman2005 17:55 28 Dec 2005

Thank you very much.

I do indeed have Nero...I just didn't think it could do it.

Will teach me to have a better look around before posting next time!


  gudgulf 17:57 28 Dec 2005

DVD shrink needs a seperate burning program.....not just Nero(although they DO recommend Nero).

Not all DVD burning programs alow for resizing which is where DVDshrink comes in.

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