Burning to DVD

  ponytail 08:07 04 Feb 2011

When I try to use DeepBurner to burn a video it always seems to say this is not a deep burner file so what is a deep burner file.What other program can I use to burn to a DVD.I have found some music videos that my wife would like to use while she is exercising.It is just one video which contains eight smaller videos so can I burn all eight onto a DVD like you do with music tracks.

  eedcam 08:32 04 Feb 2011

You need to use create Iso image with deep burner even then if ts copywrite protected it probably wont do it
Easier to use is Imgburn its free just put the dvd in choose create image file form disc note where you save it then choose write image file from disc. Again copywrite may prevent this
click here
Make sure you scroll down to the second BOX to click on download

  ponytail 12:23 04 Feb 2011

Hi eedcam
Have installed the program you suggested could you remind me of what I now need to do to burn videos onto a DVD.Also is this suitable to burn music onto a CD.

  eedcam 12:46 04 Feb 2011

Hi Ponytail With Imgburn open you should see alist of choices click on create image file from disc then put your DVD in wait till Imgburn finds it you will see alot of Info appear in the right hand pane. and once that has stopped Choose where you want to save the Iso image to then click on the disc at the bottm of the Left hand pane and you should then see some action on the litle windows along the bottm . When it is finished it will tell you .Now put your Blank in Imgburn will again show some info in the right hand pane . Click on MODE at the top the Z picker this will now show what you had at the start choose write image file to disc and click on the same disc at the bottom again depending on what speed you choose slow is best even X4 should only take abot 15/20 mins. As for cd's I'll need to check on that and will let you know.

  eedcam 13:15 04 Feb 2011

Re CD music yes I'll go through that once the dvd is sorted

  ponytail 14:09 04 Feb 2011

Hi Again eedcam,
I think I must have been misunderstood the videos I want to burn are on my hard drive and I need to put them on a disk so my wife can use them while exercising.Apologies

  eedcam 15:41 04 Feb 2011

OK what format are they in as they probably need to be converted and then authored . For this I recommend DVD flick also free and just amatter of adding the files and it will do the rest It actually uses Imgburn for this and will probably install it again
click here
After you have added the files go to create dvd and you should start it will take along time as it has to convert all the files first can take several hours .That is not flicks fault just the way things are converting.
RE music CD#s well of course you could just rip them to the pc with Windows movie maker and burn with that or with imgburn againchoose create disc image as before it will be saved as abin File dont wory about that when it is saved then choose write image file to disc locate the file there will be 2 a Bib Nd cue file choose the Cue file if you dont Imgburn will tell you and choose it for you.then click on the disc and off you go

  ponytail 07:15 08 Feb 2011

Hi Again eedcam sorry it has been a while since I came back to you I already had DVD Flick on my PC but perhaps you could explain the system step by step as still unsure of the procedure.These are are AVI files by the way so how do I convert them to what I want.Thanks

  eedcam 08:30 08 Feb 2011

Hi just add the files to Flick then click on create DVD it will do the rest .No need to convert Flick will do that .Warning it will take a considerable time to complete the task ie quite a few hours depending on the length of the files . . Personally to avoid a possible coaster making event its better to create an Iso image first then if that goes ok it only takes about 10/15 mins to burn that to dvd when ready .To do that As before add the files then click on projects then at the bottom of the list click on burning and tick the create Iso image button accept then choose create dvd and your off.Note where you are saving the Iso to and best to play it first before you go on and burn it using imgburn. To use that just open it choose write image file to disc select you file and clcik on write

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