burning and converting probs

  sidley 23:20 31 Dec 2008

can someone please help. I have downloaded an AVI file with AC3 and 5 channels. I used winavi to convert to dvd, this is when things go wrong. Winavi split the file into 2 for some reason(i guess because it was a big file) I re-authored, compressed and burnt with dvd shrink because it was to big to burn on 1 disc with nero. This all appeared to go ok but when i played back on my dvd player it was letterbox size but when i converted i selected 16:9 and no surround sound yet the file said 5 channels so what am i doing wrong, i hope its just a case of i am using wrong settings when converting but i do know its doing my head in. Please help.

  eedcam 23:40 31 Dec 2008

You cant reauthor with shrink and retain menus but it also wont alter the aspect ratio
Nero would have compressed to fit had you selected that
Personally I would use dvd flick to burn to an Iso image then just use use shrink to compress to fit
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Regardless ogf size they will always be split to amx of 1 G/byte so for arguments sake if the original wqas 3 and a half G/bytes you would have 4 files 3 at 1 and a bit G/byte the 4th picking up the dregs

  sidley 11:37 01 Jan 2009

thanks for your response eedcam. Can you answer a couple more questions for me please. How do you get nero to compress?, how do you compress with dvd shrink without re-authoring?, what is the advantage of burning Iso images? and finaly when I burnt my film why did it not play on all the surround sound speakers, perhaps I lost some of the channels when I re-authored?.

  eedcam 12:03 01 Jan 2009

Hi I have but never use Nero but would assume there is a fit to disc setting some where in the procedure I'll have alook later .
With Shrink you do not have to re author example you either open a dvd or file or disc image(iso) shrink will automatically compress that where or if needed and at that stage you can remove some of the audio choices if there are several say 5:1/ DTS/Stereo to reduce the need to compress too much thats it
To reauthor is a different can of worms you can only add titles to the burn list not menus so there are no choices avilable when you play the disc if there was a stereo soundtrack and a 5:1 track you will only get the default one which may well be stereo.The 5:1 is there but no menu no choice
Burning an Iso well saves making coasters you can play it back as a dvd and see what you have before you burn
I would try what I said burn an untouched file to Iso with Flick then open it in shrink .That will show whether it has the 5:1 if everything ok then burn and you are happy with the compression rate bear in mind that reads backwards ie if it says 60% on the slider that is only 40% compression which is well within aceptable

  sidley 19:11 01 Jan 2009

Hi again eedcam,
well I have tried dvd flick and done everything exactly as you said and ..... success, surround sound worked perfectly, aspect ratio was right so im chuffed to bits. I guess all I have to do is make sure whatever I download has 5 channels or is a dvd rip. Would still like to know how to compress with nero if poss. Anyway thanks.

  eedcam 19:23 01 Jan 2009

Hi glad it worked Must say you would be better using shrink than nero to compress.The nero version I have only seems to allow you to change the bitrate in chunks HQ /standard and long play bit like th blanket job most dvd recorders do whereas shrink will only do sufficient to get it on a single layer dvd .I am curious as to the size of your original footage as even a commercial dvd only uses around 7G/byte some even less around 5 or 6 for a reasonably long movie excluding the junk extras

  MAJ 19:25 01 Jan 2009

Nero will automatically compress the file if it detects that the encoded file will be too large to fit onto one 4.7 GB DVD. Nero will ask if yo want to reduce the quality to 'long play'.

  sidley 19:32 01 Jan 2009

will stick to using shrink it seems a lot easier and it worked.

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