Burning CD's with XP

  ANJB 16:04 14 Jun 2003

I am literally tearing my hair out trying to make basic CD's on my comp!, I have been using Nero to make CDR audio CD's but basically almost every time I attempt to burn a CD it fails at some point while burning, I cant figure this out and I have now actually managed to burn a measly 3 CD's out of 12!!, I have no idea why this happens seeing as Nero does not tell my why its failed, The comp is fairly new and is running Windows XP so I cant see that the drive is faulty, Although yesterday I attempted to use the burning software on XP and used Windows Media Player only for it to fail right at the very end of the CD.

Does anyone have any ideas what the hell is wrong here as Im sick of wasting CD's and baffled as to why it works on the rare occasion it feels like it but doesn't 90% of the time, I have never changed any settings so why it does this I have no idea. I have also tried different makes of blank discs but again to no avail.

  ANJB 16:11 14 Jun 2003

I have also just downloaded the latest version of Nero and looked at making a CD again, For some reason now while trying to add files to copy its saying "the file format is not supported"?, Now these are mp3 files which should be fine and also files which I have also copied and attempted to copy before so why is it failing now??!!

I may well end up throwing this CD writer and Nero disk out of the window at this rate.

  Djohn 16:13 14 Jun 2003

There may be a conflict with the two burners! Try disabling XP's facility, use only Nero, and see how you get on. j.

  barrie_g 16:41 14 Jun 2003

At what speeds are you trying to burn at it may help though obviously take much longer if you drop your record speed as low as you can and then increase it one increment at a time until you are burning as fast as you can with minimum failures.

Also if you go into Nero toolkit and choose cd speed with a blank cdr in the drive it will record onto the disk at the highest speed that it can then if you lower this speed slightly it should give you a reasonably reliable recording.

  ANJB 18:13 14 Jun 2003

I have tried lowering the speed and that didnt actually help at all, I will try and disable XP's burning tool though if that helps, Saying that how do I actually do it?!, I always assumed seeing as I didnt have any other program open at the time that nothing would conflict!

I notice that the drive starts to burst into life as its copying and as its about to fail it suddenly sounds as if its speeded up a lot, Dont know if this suggests anything or its the norm though, Why does Nero simply not say why its failed?! Surely it would make sense to say what caused the error such as conflict with software or faulty disc!

  hugh-265156 18:24 14 Jun 2003


double click and select the start up as disable.

then restart the computer

  BillEmm 23:20 14 Jun 2003

These are the two main factors in burning CDs.

If you are burning music files then use a reasonable low speed and make sure you use quality CDs. Even if you manage to complete writing MP3 files to disk many mp3 players do not like poor quality CDs and/or ones that are badly written (burned too fast).

I had a batch of unbranded disks and had a greater than 10 percent failure rate writing at any speed - not as high as repored here - but too high in my book.

  twin 19:34 16 Jun 2003

just a thought is the drive sharing a ide lead
with the hardrive. if it is try putting it on its
own lead.

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