burning cd's

  WHO 10:59 07 Apr 2005

When using PC advisors programme drop to cd.I burn a disk and once finished,it states that the burn was successful.On trying to read CD,it comes back with insert a cd into reader.Why can't it see it?

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  DieSse 13:37 07 Apr 2005

It may be the CD is not closed. When you write stuff to a CD, you can leave it Open for more stuff to be written to it - or Close it, which makes it into a proper, standard CD-ROM.

You should find an option in the program to do the Close.

If there isn't, and the program doesn't install software to be able to read Open CD's then it's a pretty poor program - though I'm not familiar with it personally.

Nero is probably the most respected CD burning program - Nero Express which is a great, simplifed version, can be found anywhere for peanuts - does not have these problems. I can thoroughly recommend it.

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