Burning C.Ds

  ddddddd 17:40 13 Apr 2004

Hello ,
could anyone please help me.. my problem is that I want to save photos from my hard disc to C.D.
I have a Time computer with Windows X P Home. Reading the book I should click on Systems Tools then BACKUP , but I am unable to find BACKUP on the sub menu ( its not there !)
I believe this is because when the computer was sold to me by TIME ( 18 mths ago )the XP HOME disc was'nt included ( unless I paid extra )
I contacted Computer World and they advised I should buy some software called NERO ?
My question is would I be wiser to buy the X P HOME software rather than the Nero ( and will the X P HOME do burning to C.D ) or is there any other way? I know I sound a bit long winded but I'm not a wizard on the computer. Thanks

  johnnyrocker 17:51 13 Apr 2004

nero is a very good product do you have a cdr drive already and if so what writing program came with it?


  Roland Butter 17:55 13 Apr 2004

can highly recommend NERO. Why not have a free trial from the net?

  MIke 18:54 13 Apr 2004

If you are using xp you bshould be able to right click on the file you wish to save to cd, and in the menu that appears select send to 'cd drive x" where x is the drive letter of your cd writer.

Other than that Nero is good, though maybe a little daunting at first for a beginner.

  bulldog 19:35 13 Apr 2004

i can also recommend nero 6.

  ddddddd 19:56 13 Apr 2004

Hello Mike
Thanks for your response.I tried what you said with the following results...
selected picture files which were copied to a temp file with heading CD-RW(e:) files ready to be written to CD.Then writing Wizard appeared and started writing files to CD (red light flashing on CD writer for 6 Min )then the following message appeared CAN NOT COMPLETE THE CD WRITING WIZARD there was an error in the writing process the disc you have attemped to write may no longer be usable...
On my CD writer is the following marks 48x16x48x and the discs I am using are unused Memorex CD-Rw 700mb 4x.......... Am I using the right discs ? or is my writer faulty ? can you help

  ade.h 20:03 13 Apr 2004

Try restricting the write speed of your drive in its Properties page (right-click on the drive in My Comp) to suit the CDs you're using. If it writes too quickly, it can cause an error.

  ddddddd 20:53 13 Apr 2004

Thanks ade.h
following your advice (the speed was set to fastest..)I then set it to x4 and succeeded in writing the files to CD . Can you give some more advice on how to view the pictures that are burnt on the CD ( to confirm they are there ) and also how I would go about putting them back on to the hard drive should I need to ?

  ade.h 21:01 13 Apr 2004

Glad I could be of help! In answer to your 2nd query; use the Autoplay tab of the Properties pages (same as before) to adjust the drive's behaviour for each type of file. ie. opening pictures in an explorer window will allow you to view them with a double-click in Windows Picture Viewer or copy them anywhere you like. To make it extra easy, right-click the toolbar of the window and choose Customise. This will let you place Copy and Move icons onto the toolbar, though they are also listed in the left-hand pane.

  Lardy FB 21:14 13 Apr 2004

just to let you know, I recently bought a brand new un registered copy of nero 6 off ebay for £6.50. exelent when you get use to it

  ddddddd 21:31 13 Apr 2004

Thanks again ade.h
success at last,one final question can we reuse the CDs we used on all the previous unsuccessful attempts. and thanks again for all your help !

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