Burning cd's

  cass27 15:21 20 Dec 2003

I haave only recently started burning cd's. I have just tried to copy various music tracks from my hard disc (media player) on to a cd. However when I tried to play it on my hi-fi it would not play. No tracks recognized. Anybody any iodeas?


  leo49 15:23 20 Dec 2003

click here

The above'll tell you probably more than you want to know about burning.

What software are you using?

Did you finalise[close]the CDR - if you don't it won't play in domestic hifi

  hugh-265156 15:36 20 Dec 2003

burn as a music cd and all home cd players and dvd players should have no problems with it.if you have made an mp3 disc or as above a multisession disc most home players will not play it.

try nero for size click here

  cass27 16:21 20 Dec 2003

nero is the software iuse at the moment. I have been downloading off kazzaa and I think some have been mp3 files, does this mean mp3 files will not play on hi-fi?

  Jester2K II 16:38 20 Dec 2003

No they don't.

But the ones in the shops do!

  Rennaissance 16:49 20 Dec 2003

Burning music, the program will convert an mp3 file into a file cd players recognise before it burns it onto cd. Did you use the wizard? and how long did it take you. It should have taken from 10 to 20 mins, if less you may have used the data format for burning as burning mp3s take a lot less time.

  Stuartli 17:31 20 Dec 2003

Use Nero Express until you get the hang of what you require.

Earlier CD-ROM drives and players won't play certain files - the more recent the model the more likely it is it will be able to play your disks.

Glad someone other than me now also recognises the value of the superb cdrfaq website...:-)

  leo49 19:57 20 Dec 2003

now ????? - I'd be surprised if a Forum regular didn't know of that link as,to my knowledge, it's been posted several times a week by many folk for at least two and a half years.

  Stuartli 13:16 21 Dec 2003

Been visiting that site for even longer as well as click here and a host of others....:-)

  leo49 13:46 21 Dec 2003

Ooooh and I bet you think your Dad could beat up my Dad as well.... ;o)

  lixdexik 15:57 21 Dec 2003

that can cause the problem...I have found that the cheaper discs are not always seen by the HiFi or car, but play fine in the computer...I have now started to use Cds that are for audio and as yet have had no repeat of the problem. Hope This Helps.

Cheers Lixdexik...and have a Merry Christmas.

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