Burning CD-RW with music

  TonyTT 17:18 02 Oct 2005

I have just started trying to burn some music onto CD-RW. They burn on fine however there is one thing I don't understand. The disks that I have are 700MB capacity but I don't seem to be able to burn that amount of data on them. What I mean is if I click on a music file and open the "Properties" box it says it is 89MB for example. If I try and burn two 89MB music files to a 700MB CD-RW it says the file is to big.

Is this a format thing, I mean I thought 700MB of data, was 700MB of data, irrespective of what type it was.

A real novice awaits any help that may be out there.


  Diodorus Siculus 18:14 02 Oct 2005

It's all about time: If you burn 80 minutes of very low quality sound, it may well only take up 100Mb (for example) but at the same time fill the CD.

  pj123 18:20 02 Oct 2005

I don't know any CD-RW disk that is 700mb (80 mins). They are generally 650mb but if formatted I would only expect to get something like 500mb on them.

Personally I would never burn music to a CD-RW disk anyway.

Try a CD-R disk which is 700mb (80 mins) but never try to put the full capacity on it.

I normally stick between 600mb to 650mb.

  Stuartli 18:56 02 Oct 2005

Many CD and DVD players have problems reading CD-RW disks because of their low reflectivity level - as pj123 advises, use CD-R media.

  Echo1 19:17 02 Oct 2005

I use DataWrite CD-RWs and they are 80mins/700mb. And they are reliable, too.

  Echo1 19:18 02 Oct 2005

Oh, and work perfectly fine on all our DVD players.

  TonyTT 21:57 02 Oct 2005

thx everyone.

  pj123 14:18 03 Oct 2005

TonyTT. I haven't bought any CD-RW blanks for ages so am obviously out of touch. Just checked with my supplier and there are indeed 700mb CD-RWs available. I apologise for giving you duff information without checking first.

  Bingalau 17:39 04 Oct 2005

I burn CD-R's and use iTunes to do it. The limit that can be put on the CD seems to be about 1.2 hours of play time. This is indicated to you as you drag the tunes to where you require them. If you then ask the system to burn and there are too many tunes to record to that disk. The program will tell you that more than one disk is needed. Bingalau..

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