burning a cd

  r.s.logan 11:20 24 Feb 2009

when my son burns music to cd ,it plays ok on computer but wont play on music centre for some reason . He uses media centre on vista home premium or real player ,but both are the same . He had no problems with old computer which had windows xp .Any ideas what is wrong or if something in settings is needing adjusted .Limited comp .knowledge , grateful for any help .

  iqs 11:25 24 Feb 2009

Check what type of music file is being copied to the disc,also what type of disc is he creating, eg MP3,CD
Will the Hi-Fi play CDR/RW discs

  iqs 11:38 24 Feb 2009

If your son is creating WAV files,they must be burnt as a Audio CD,not as data

  r.s.logan 11:58 24 Feb 2009

Thank you for advice / help which I will pass on when he comes home .I know little about this but out of curiosty and to try and learn something have just tried to burn a mpeg audio stream to a dvd+r disc and again it works ok on computer but wont play on other dvd / cd players .Comes up " no disc " Please excuse my ignorance on this matter , not my field .

  iqs 12:09 24 Feb 2009

Does the DVD player support DVD+,some support both - and +,others just one format.

This could be the reason why the disc is not detected,or the way the file is burnt to the disc.

I don't like Media Centre,I use ROXIO Easy Media Creator 9,sometimes NERO 6 Reloaded for burning music,data and video.

  wolfie3000 12:59 24 Feb 2009

Easiest way i find is to use windows media player,

Just drag and drop the mp3,s into windows media player then click burn, job done.

But as others have pointed out it might be the player your using as some may not play burnt discs.

  r.s.logan 13:57 24 Feb 2009

Thanks for all advice , final up date . Disc plays on Sony hdd dvd / freeview recorder but wont play on dvd player which they use all the time for dvd movies, wont play on dvd/vcr in lounge , wont play on older Sony music centre or car cd player . I am giving up , no doubt he will get it sorted out with his friends , I dont know enough about this to help him . Grateful for help given

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