Burning AVI files to dvd

  hiwatt 16:48 12 May 2009

Hi folks.I have 7gb of AVI files that I'd like to burn to 1 dvd.I'm not too bothered about the slight quality loss.I was going use dvd flick then dvd shrink to fit it to 1 single layer dvd but I don't think dvd shrink will compress the AVI files?Is there a way this can be done without converting the AVI files to VOB files first?Any help is much appreciated.Thanks.

  denboe 17:16 12 May 2009

Why not burn to a 'Dual Layer' disc? You would get around 100% transfer, without any loss in quality?

  hiwatt 17:27 12 May 2009

I know.It's just a one off really so don't really want to buy dual layer discs.I've done it before a while ago but it was VOB files and I certainly didn't notice any quality loss.Thanks.P.s I wonder if I could save it as an ISO file and burn that with dvd shrink to a dvd?

  eedcam 18:33 12 May 2009

Thats no compression if its only 7G hardly worth a Dual layer .I would suggest you use dvd flick its free just add your files and it will convert and author and fit to dvd single or dual click here

  hiwatt 10:26 13 May 2009

I'm using dvd flick to burn the avi files to dvd but can't find an option for it to fit 7gb on to a single dvd?When I add all the files to burn it's just saying that the disc is full or something and I have to remove some files.Can you tell me how to do it please?Thanks.

  eedcam 12:02 13 May 2009

Hiwatt cant understand you say you have 7G/byte of avi files well they would have to be converted to Mpeg2 for dvd which automatically would be smaller than the original files.Can you can confirm they are avi and not already Mpeg2 Also by default flick uses auto-fit check that in project settings> burning >bit rate so should really do it automatically .Never the less if you have your files loaded look down at the RH corner and it should say disc space used and the disc size.The latter being 4489. You will also see the lowest bit rate flick advises you can override this but may not be advisable .Now all of that applies when the files are already Mpeg2 as they can only be compressed some more .Puzzled as to why your avi files are staying the same .I've just put a 283 M/byte dv-avi file in flick for burning thats down to 68 M/byte at max bitrate Dont worry you'll get there

  hiwatt 18:36 13 May 2009

The files are AVI not mpeg.There are 17 files,7gb in size.When I add all the titles and then choose create dvd it tells me the dvd project is full and that I must remove titles.The total duration is just over 11 hours so I think the avi files will have to be compressed some how to fit on a single dvd.Do you think I could create an iso image then use dvd shrink to burn it?

  eedcam 19:17 13 May 2009

HiWatt there be dragons! 11 hours? long I expect flick is converting but it cant compress time.Thats a small file size anyway for 11 hours
As the Top avi DV avi is 13G/byte for 1 hour
Any way totally impractical to try and squeeze 11 hours onto a single layer
Also yes you can just make an Iso in flick then use shrink you will need to choose the double layer setting but can you give me the figures I referred to in the bottom corner of flick for single layer first please so I can see how much over you are for flick

  hiwatt 19:27 13 May 2009

It says hard disk space required 33185mb 33981866kb.I put over 7gb onto a single dvd using dvd shrink and the quality was excellent but that was vob files.I don't see an opyion in dvd shrink for iso files though.I might just have to put it onto a few dvd's?Thanks.

  eedcam 19:37 13 May 2009

Hiwatt yes Ive put 7G with no problem but only around 2 and a half hours you are tryin 11 hours and thats a huge figure methinks your files are 7G?'byte each as your toal is over 33 G/bytes.As for VOb that is Mpeg 2
To select dual layer in flick go Project files >general >target size doubt if it will tale that but if it does then you can use shrink but eeven that might baulk at the conmpression you will need unless dual layer and even then

  AL47 19:47 13 May 2009

dual layer is such a pain to use imo

i encode my h.264 video at about, 1 film [2 hrs] = 1.5-2GB gb

7gb for 11 hours must be lowish quality, i can notice that

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