Burning Audio CDs for Car Stereo

  Baffled1 21:21 11 May 2004

In the past i used to convert MP3 files to Wav format before burning CDs as i found my home stereo or car would not recognise MP3. I'm now using Nero Express which gives the option to burn audio CDs for use in other devices.Sure enough the CD now plays in the home stereo but not in the car still (i'm burning from MP3 files).The properties of the burnt tracks only say CD Audio file.Any idea what format this would be and can i do a one step burn process to use a CD in car from MP3 files?

  dazzling (work) 21:27 11 May 2004

did you select create audio cd if you did and it plays in your stereo but not in the car the liklehood is your car cd will not play cdrs some are a bit picky.the only thing you can try is a different manafacturer of cdrs.darren

  Baffled1 21:34 11 May 2004

I did select create audio CD and as i mentioned the track properties show just CD Audio Track.I'm using Packard Bell CD-R.Can the car CD player be that picky? The car is only 2 months old by the way so it should be up to date on the audio side.I guess i'll try to burn on another make of CD-R.


  Mister Splendid 21:35 11 May 2004

What speed do you burn your audio cds at? My home cd player does not like cds burned at more than 12x speed.

  Baffled1 21:41 11 May 2004

I just let Nero get on with it.I think it was 24 x .The car does play CDs i made after converting to Wav files before burning so i know it plays CD-Rs ok but these were made on another PC and using Easy CD creator.Too many variables to eliminate there.

  dazzling (work) 21:42 11 May 2004

my car cd will play burnt cds but if its cold over night in the morning i get the no cd message when it warms up it sees them again thats how picky mine is.the fact that your stereo picks them up would suggest theres nothing wrong with the disk you have burnt.darren as mister splendid suggests you could try burning it at a slower speed this somtimes helps with compatibility.darren

  Baffled1 22:22 11 May 2004

Just tried burning at 8x (no 12x option) and now i have audio in car but loads of drop outs.I'm thinking cheap and basty CD-Rs are the problem here but they were a freebie.Thanks for the input.

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