Burning adaptor connector tip problems

  Shmau 18:03 09 Mar 2014

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^This is the previous accident..^ So what I did was that I took it back to the shop and they just gave me a new adaptor. Days have passed and everything worked fine until tonight I smell the burning plastic again. So the reason must be in my laptop? But why didn't it then start burning again the first day I got the new adaptor`? Could the reason be grease on the connector tip? Or what?

  Shmau 18:08 09 Mar 2014

the link didn't work, here's the previous thread where I was first having the problem. Here is the thread copy-pasted:

I got a new FSP065-RAC adaptor, it has changable connector tips. I used the same adaptor before, but the reason I got the new one is that the tip I use (tip#4, U2) broke, and since where I live I can't get a new tip and ordering from outside takes time (it seems everywhere they are out of this specific tip) I just decided to get a new set of the adaptor. (I wasn't sure if the end where the tip inserts was working either after the breaking.) I use a Lenovo IdeaPad B560 and the previous FSP adaptor worked fine, no problems of any kind. Today, some hours after connecting the new adaptor it started smelling like burning plastic, so I discovered that the tip of the new adaptor had melted a bit. Turned off the laptop and disconnected the adaptor. It seems like the reason is in the new adaptor or the new tip, I will get in touch with the shop tomorrow where I got it to investigate. In the mean time can you suggest what I can and cannot do with my laptop and the two adaptors I have. It wouldn't be safe to take the new tip and connect it with the old fsp adaptor? (we tested it in the shop, the old one works with the new tip.) Or would it be advisable not to turn on my laptop at all from now on, even just on the battery? I should get my laptop checked before anything else?

Thank you in advance!

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