angel1975 08:26 14 Jul 2004

Please can someone tell how long it should take to burn a dvd,ive downloaded a film thats about 1 and 1/2 hours long and with encoding its taking about 6 hrs to burn on dvd with nero 6,is this about right because it seems a long time?

  stlucia 08:31 14 Jul 2004

If you're talking about 'raw' digital video that needs to be 'rendered' before burning, then 6 hours is quite reasonable. Naturally, it depends on the speed of your processor, but my 600Mhz PC takes about an hour for 5 minutes of finished video.

The burning itself probably takes only a few minutes once the software has sorted all the files out and converted them as needed.

  angel1975 08:50 14 Jul 2004

thanks for your respond the reason i was shocked it took so long is because when i was burning to vcd an 1 and 1/2 film only took 1 and 1/2 hrs

  angel1975 10:19 14 Jul 2004

so how comes a vcd dosnt take as long? am a little confused

  stlucia 12:04 14 Jul 2004

I'm not expert enough to answer that one, other than to say that burning to VCD possibly uses a lower-quality encoding which takes less time.

If I want to use a CD for video instead of a DVD (for short clips only), I use SVCD standard which is DVD quality and takes just as long to process.

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