Burner doesn't recognize disc

  dangerusone 21:32 19 May 2006

When I try to burn any kind of disc (DVD or CD)no matter which programme I use (Nero etc) I get to the burn stage and the disc is rejected with the message
Insert an empty disc to write to
Disc type in recorder -- (Empty)

This has only just started happening,I've tried putting a cleaner disc through as I thought that may be the problem with no luck. Hope someone can help.Brian

  jolorna 21:53 19 May 2006

it might be a few bad discs, have you also tried burning at a slow speed

  dangerusone 22:12 19 May 2006

I,ve tried various makes of disc both CD & DVD+ & - to no avail, also 2 different DVDRW+ & -
This problem has only just started about a week ago and I'm running out of ideas.Brian

  johnnyrocker 22:16 19 May 2006

if xp would you lose much by trying system restore?


  dangerusone 23:08 19 May 2006


I've tried System restore with no luck.I have just uninstalled Nero 6 & reinstalled still no joy.
Even if I don't try to burn anything it won't recognize the disc,I've just tried the "erase DVD" feature on a DVDRW that I know contains data and still nothing.My other DVD drive recognizes the files (video)and I can play them,it's just my DVD writer that is giving me trouble,this is a LITEON DVD SOHD-167T its 2 or 3 years old. Could it have reached the end of its natural.Brian

  strech 06:44 20 May 2006

you need to download firmware for you wrighter
the same thing happend to me go to liteon web site and download latest driver

  dangerusone 07:56 23 May 2006

sorry to have taken so long to reply. I took your advice and updated the drivers on both Liteon devices on my machine, unfortunately with no luck. When I put a disc in the DVDRW (CD or DVD) it gives off a rattly sound. I think I shall have to replace it.Many thanks to those that tried to help.Brian

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