Burned out PC - PSU and mobo advice req'd?

  Rodders 22:29 13 Nov 2006


My brother has just been on the phone to me. He turned his PC off the other night and left the room. When he went back the following day it appeared to be switched on still. However, there was a burning aroma. So he switched it off at the mains (power button didn't work) and then back on but nothing happened.

He had it looked at by a local PC repair man. The guy reckons that the PSU is blown (sounds fine) and the motherboard has been damaged. First question is - does that sound possible?

On that basis the guy says that finding a replacement motherboard is likely to be expensive. I'm surprised at that. The machine is 4 years old, a PC World emachines 270 with Celeron 1.7 processor.

Do we need to buy a certain spec of PSU? What do we need to be careful to avoid with a new mobo? Do we need to check that "chipsets" match up? I presume that we can buy a Celeron 1.7 compatible mobo with suitable connections for other hardware, then source a PSU with the correct socket for the mobo.

Where can we find low spec items like this these days? What kind of price ball-park should we look at?

many Thanks


  skidzy 22:36 13 Nov 2006

New psu 450 watt around £20.00 and i would think a compatible mobo for around £35.00

Ive just rebuilt my system with this mobo click here
it will take your Celeron cpu.

PSU click here

This assuming its a ATX or ATX Micro case.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:39 13 Nov 2006

You can get a new machine that will more than match what you have for about £200

If the mobo is gone, likely too is the processor and I'd reaaly suggest you go for new rather than try to rebuild from what you have now.

Take a look at click here for some ideas

  Probabilitydrive 22:42 13 Nov 2006

....He had it looked at by a local PC repair man. The guy reckons that the PSU is blown (sounds fine) and the motherboard has been damaged. First question is - does that sound possible...?

A carbon copy incident took my first Evesham out.
Switched it off in the evening , found it running in the morning.(by a poor coincidence -at least I think it was- there was an extensive power cut at 3 am. Whether this has anything to do with mymachine being switched on , I can only hazzard a guess)

Whatever it was, it took out 1 Harddrive (cabels were burned and discoloured)and a lenghty repair ensured, which included repacement of the Mobo,CPU,graphic card,HD.

  LastChip 22:58 13 Nov 2006

if the techie is correct, you don't know just how much damage has been sustained. Has the memory been damaged, or the hard drive? The list goes on.

Further, if you put something back with the new components that is faulty, IT could damage the new parts.

Burning smells are almost always bad news, and I would go with the consensus of getting a new base unit. click here for some sub £200 examples. No doubt there are plenty of others around.

  Rodders 08:00 14 Nov 2006

Thanks all.

I relayed the info to my brother. Cost is an issue so I think he's going to try and replace the PSU and mobo as per the techs advice. I believe he has checked the CPU, memory, h/d etc.

Once he has the PC back in his house he's going to open it up and check the exact spec of the current components so we can match as closely as possible.

I may well start a new post at that point for some advice. Our main concern is getting the correct sockets on the motherboard.


  Taff™ 08:13 14 Nov 2006

Friend of mine had a similar problem with an e-machines 620. (The PSU in that machine was a known culprit!) Rebuilding was not an option. When the PSU failed it also took out all the USB devices attached (Modem) and the keyboard and mouse. Suggest you check them as well.

  Field Division 08:29 14 Nov 2006

I would stay clear of the asrock M/B if I were you as I just bought one last week and it blew my psu so I connected my pci checker card and had to remove it as there was a threat of it damaging this also...so thats me down 1 psu and 1 M/B..good old saying is you get what you pay for in the long run.

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