burn xvid avi mpeg to dvd

  nobbyhigo 19:50 14 Jan 2013

Ok so i have this mental block with this video format malarcky How do i burn all these video formats mpeg avi xvid and the like onto a dvd to play on normal home dvd player I have any video converter and burnaware but i cant get it to play em Sometimes it just shows a folder other times it dont do "owt" thanks Nobby

  SillBill 20:04 14 Jan 2013

Use Freemake (FREE!) to convert to DVD format and have a look at your DVD player's specs to see what types of DVD formats it can play.

> http://www.freemake.com/

  tarbyme 20:12 14 Jan 2013

Nobby Have you downloadeed a codec pack. If not then you can get one free here http://klitedownload.com/ Just download and install on computer the program will do the rest, you will not see the codec pack but it will be used. No codec no sound no picture. You need to make sure when converting it is converting to DVD not any other format. You will also need a burning program to burn to disc either DVD- or DVD+

  nobbyhigo 20:41 14 Jan 2013

is the reference to the codec pack regarding running on dvd on laptop .I dont have any bother there . i will burn one on DVD format .I must have been using mpeg .I cant remember I will see how that goes i have used any video converter

  SillBill 20:47 14 Jan 2013

codecs are usually needed for playback on the device/computer that you are using, I've never come across the need to have them for converting or burning.

  nobbyhigo 08:21 15 Jan 2013

i got sorted after all this time Stupid or what .I used any video converter to convert files to PAL dvd then burned em with same software Easy for you guys who know I was making data discs and mpeg discs .Oh well ,thanks for the push

  Jackerry 07:35 18 Jan 2013

Use a DVD burning program, google it and you would find so many options.

  watkinsa12 10:15 18 Jan 2013

You have to convert the avi to mpeg2 that's the dvd standard.

see > http://www.ilikemall.com/convert/burn-flv-to-dvd.html

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