BURN speeds

  herc182 09:57 14 Feb 2003

WHy is it that when i burn a music CD, on a cdr,
on easy cd creator, at 40x that it never actually reaches this speed. it rarely peaks above 20x.

Is that normal?
It takes quite a while to burn an 18 track CD this way!!


  stlucia 10:01 14 Feb 2003

Depends also on the specification and quality of the CD-R.

  Patr100 10:02 14 Feb 2003

It won't burn faster than the the disk itself allows as a limitation eg 2X-20X or you may need to update the Roxio software to run at the higher speed. Also make sure Roxio is set to burn at maximum speed.

  jimv7 10:14 14 Feb 2003

Speed varies depending on what part of the disc is being used.

Disc is burnt from the centre outwards in a spiral, so most burners never reach full advertised speed.

  herc182 10:23 14 Feb 2003

the cdr is designed for 48x my cd writer writes at 40x. cant see why my write speeds are so low. the cdr brand is memorex (which aint bad!). although it has peaked at 20x it is regularly below that speed.
any more ideas??

Patr100 what is the download that i can get to burn at faster speeds??


  leo49 10:51 14 Feb 2003

Burning from HDD or 'on the fly'?

  MartinT-B 11:22 14 Feb 2003

for quality control, the slower the better.

I never burn faster than 8x and that's when I go away to do other stuff.

If I'm burning and working with another application I burn at 4X

Since I started doing this I have had no failures and no buffer under-runs.

  duplo 11:29 14 Feb 2003

If your buring from CD to CD (on the fly) you wont get full speed- it will normally write at half the speed of the CD reader (i.e. if you have a 40speed CD drive, it wont burn much faster than 20X). If you cache to the HD first it will probably write at 40X. If you cache it to the HD first it will write faster, and will avoid Burn Proof overworking, resulting in better quality.

  hoverman 11:30 14 Feb 2003

I have had my CD-RW drive replaced under warranty for the second time. The engineer who called said he never writes greater than 16x and would recommend this as an absolute maximum to guarantee no errors etc.

  leo49 11:32 14 Feb 2003

Exactly - which is why I asked what method he was employing so as to ascertain whether a problem actually existed.

  MartinT-B 11:38 14 Feb 2003

More haste, less speed!

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