burn image or write to cd/dvd

  stevebabes 16:51 18 Oct 2005

can anybody tell me the diffrance between writing to disk or burn image to disk i want to make a bootable back up disk of my pc i have xp home sp2 any help appricated.ps i have nero 6.

  ade.h 17:18 18 Oct 2005

When talking about CD media, it's the same thing. Burning is just another term for writing because it physically burns the recording layer to reshape its surface.

If you were thinking of imaging to a hard-disk, that's different entirely; that is the use of software to take a snapshot of an entire drive and save it as a more backup. It's quicker and more compact than cloning a drive's contents.

Hope my slight digression hasn't muddied the waters.

  stevebabes 22:25 18 Oct 2005

would it be better to make an iso image of my windows folder and put it on dvd? and would it contain boot files\isntallation files.What im really asking is if my pc crashes and cant boot how is the best way to reinstall xp.(i have no xp disk)but i have heard in service pack2 the files contain the recovery console.thanks in advance.

  Diemmess 11:02 19 Oct 2005

You may be confusing a ...

(1)"Bootable CD" .... One that can start a crashed system to the point where you can access the remedial bits of an XP installation and repair it so that things are running again.

(2) An "Image" of the Whole Drive complete with drivers for all gizmos and applications as well as any data on that drive. You may need several disks for this.

1 is something anyone should have, while 2, is something to make (using Acronis or a rival) while things are going well, against the day when the Hard Disk goes corrupt or dead.

  stevie2times 01:50 30 Oct 2005


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