Burn DVD's

  Fast Ed 1 11:14 17 Oct 2004

Can any one help I want to burn my DVD films so as to have a copy if I damage or lose the oraginal I have been told I can buy software to do this but I cannot find it.

  Jackie1 11:16 17 Oct 2004


I use dvd xcopy platinum. It works a treat. I got mine from a computer market. I think you may be able to download it off the internet but it will more than likely cost more.

  Rayuk 11:42 17 Oct 2004

Go to
click here

  kakasnarta 11:45 17 Oct 2004

Naughty....you will have the men in black knocking on your door!!!!!!

  Rogerfredo 12:13 17 Oct 2004

DVD Decryptor and DVDShrink are both excellent programs and free on the net.
DVDShrink will allow you to copy only the bits you want (eg you can omit the extras).
I copy to hard disk first and then burn to DVD using Nero. I don't think there is any problem if you own the original.

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